Positive inducing fans from INFIANIR


For residential buildings, office complex or factory plants, each of them have special ventilation needs. There is a specific challenge in underground garage and elevated multi-storey car park complex as the exhaust gas from cars makes the air in the parks filled with carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The users in the car parks may be exposed to the concentrated contaminated air for a short time or a long time, posing a big danger to their health. So for the sake of health, the air that has been polluted shall be exhausted fast and in a safe way. Traditionally, the air exhaust system may take up a large space as there are many ducts used and intertwine with other utility services such as the water and electricity lines. And big investments, huge installation costs and complex maintenance work are required. To meet the requirements for cost-effective solutions, INFINAIR’s positive inducing fans-PIV, PIJ and PIM are the right products at the right moment.

The INFINAIR positive inducing fans are thoroughly safe and extremely economical. The positive inducing fans are also known as jet fans or impulse fans. Designed according to the principles of aerodynamics, positive inducing fans induce and disturb surrounding air through the high velocity discharge produced and then guide the air in specified directions. The central discharge velocity gradually comes down with the increasing distance away from the outlet nozzle, but the discharge area expands so that more air can be induced. By diluting indoor harmful gases and circulating air at the same time, positive inducing fans can gather these gases and bring them along the predefined flow passage quickly to the exhaust fan, thus making the air well ventilated in the underground car parks.

The fans are mounted at special locations, so they take up smaller space, requiring low head room of car parks. The advantages and features of INFINAIR positive inducing fans include small-size and light-weight; easy installation with no additional ducts required; highly targeted and cost-effective; energy-efficient: inducing air through the high velocity discharge produced (PIV); Centrifugal backward curved steel wheel that features greater efficiency, large airflow, long discharge distance and low sound level; Compact structural design and low height of the fan body making it especially suitable for underground car parks with low head room; Fan housing made in quality cold-roll steel sheets finished with electrostatic epoxy coatings (PIJ); Suitable for ventilation in underground car parks and entertainment venues to reduce waste gas concentration and improve air quality; Silencers fitted at both inlet and outlet for extremely low sound level; IP54 rated with Class F insulation, able to maintain safe and reliable operation over a long period of time under -20℃~55℃(PIM).

When the control switch is in the automatic mode, the system is controlled as below:

Inside each intelligent positive inducing fan, there is a sensitive waste gas concentration detector. Upon detection of a carbon monoxide (CO) concentration of over 30PPM, the intelligent positive inducing fan in this specific region will start automatically and run for 5 minutes. If the concentration level remains, the centralized controllers in the interlinked sub-regions will start all the intelligent positive inducing fans. Also, supply fans and exhaust fans will be started to exhaust indoor waste gases and send in fresh air. When the CO concentration level falls below 30PPM, the fans will continue to run for another 10 minutes before they turn off automatically.