IE expo China 2020, which took place from August 13 to 15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), shows the business potential in the environmental industry in China is huge. It included a total of 14 exhibition halls and an area of 180,000 square meters. As a great occasion for environmental industry experts from both home and abroad, it creates a good opportunity for them to network, exchange latest industry information and grow their business. Different companies and market players brought to the exhibition innovative and smart products, making this exhibition more technology oriented.

EG is the abbreviation of CHINA ENERGY LABEL, an information label indicating performance indicators such as product energy efficiency ratings. The purpose is to provide necessary information for users and consumers for them to make purchasing decisions so that energy efficient products can be chosen.

Electronic control systems are equipped on all ventilation systems used for controlling, regulating and monitoring purposes. With the advancement of digitization, digital cont…

CNEX is a professional research institute in the field of Ex safety technique and the base of scientific research and verification of Ex electrical apparatus in China. If the fan is to be run in …

CE certification is a safety certification enforced in the EU market to ensure that products meet international safety and industry quality requirements. According to customer needs, the following products have obtained CE certification. The implementation standards cover the Machinery Directive (MD) and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), which provides strong support for the business development of your international project.

According to the requirements of the state regulations, the smoke removal fan must be subject to the high temperature-resistant test by a specialized agency designated by the Ministry of Public Security in accordance with GA 211-2009 High temperature-resistant test methods for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators to ensure that the fan can run continuously for 30 minutes or more when the temperature is 280 °C, or can run continuously for 60 minutes or more when the temperature is 250 °C. The type test report issued by the national authorized testing agency and the China Compulsory Certification certificate are obtained.