Parts & Accessories


INFINAIR takes customer experience very seriously. It is natural that in using our products, parts and accessories are needed due to various reasons. When this happens, INFINAIR would like to try our best to provide the best service possible.

When the fans have faults and can’t operate normally, our after-sales service engineers will provide the remote technical support via telephone. This is a simple but effective way. Some problems that occur on the jobsite can be resolved at this stage when the customers can understand the products more and be more familiar with the products.
During the remote technical support, our engineers will analyze the causes of faults and make several plans so that the best solution can be offered. If standard accessories are needed and can be purchased at the local place, it is recommended to purchase locally as it will save you time and costs. If special accessories are needed, our professional engineers will formulate the most reasonable plan for you.

INFINAIR has a dedicated after-sales service system Eagle Service. Through Eagle Service, quick delivery of spare parts will be made possible.
Based on the unique identifiable serial number, Eagle Service can quickly identify the recorded information about the relevant performance parameters, product drawing and parts list. Through Eagle Service, the required parts information can be submitted for production and processing. A reference to the Warranty Terms and Conditions will tell whether the parts shall be provided free of charge. INFINAIR keeps a stock of quick wear parts in the headquarters and local offices for quick delivery of replacement parts (Note: it may cost much time to produce the required parts if the equipment was purchased quite a while ago or is not in the latest company’s product portfolio due to continuous research and development.)

If it is within the Warranty Terms and Conditions, customers can contact the after-sales department and they will offer services to you. The contact email is [email protected].