INFINAIR provides ventilation solution for Xi’an Xianyang International Airport


Located in the center of China's inland, Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is the air traffic hub of northwest China, the fifth largest airport in China, the eighth largest airport in China (2011) in terms of handling capacity. Now it has 3 terminals and 2 runways. The airport started its construction in 1984. The first phase of the project was completed on September 1, 1991, and was officially opened. The second phase of the project was officially started in December 2007 and put into use in 2011. The total investment of the project amounts to 7.3 billion yuan.

1. Project challenges:

-- The project was designed by Atkins in the UK and imported products were advised to use in the original design;

-- The foreign designing company had small design margin, requiring the performance of the fan to be true, accurate and objective;

-- Some fans were installed close to the waiting hall and have high noise control requirements.

2. INFINAIR solution

-- It was recommended to use RTC, ISQ, WEX, IAS, YFICK products from INFINAIR of international standard to completely replace the suggested imported products;

-- Product performance data was tested by the AMCA accredited laboratory to ensure accuracy and to meet system design requirements;

-- By using INFINAIR model selection software, product model with low noise value was chosen, supplemented by acoustic lining and silencers, which greatly reduced the running noise of the fan.

3. Customer feedback

The problem of airport ventilation is the effect of ventilation and the level of noise control. These are closely related to the customer's experience, and are also the focus of our attention. INFINAIR fans meet our requirements. We hope more and more customers will benefit from the their cooperation with INFINAIR.