Purchase Process


The purchase process flow constitutes the basic procedures and steps in buying INFINAIR’s products. It shows the way purchasing and procurement happens or is dealt with within our company. In general, the reason why we inform our customers of the purchase process is to conduct analysis and enhance the efficiency to save customers’ time and make them know what steps they will take and what they can expect from INFINAIR.

If there is no a complete understanding of the purchase process, the customers may find it perplexed about the whole process and not prepared for the actions to be taken next.

The first step in the procurement process flow begins with a request for procurement. Depending on how your organization chooses to conduct their purchasing process, this step can either be done electronically, handwritten, or via the phone (electronically is highly recommended).

For the purchase process flow, the first step starts with the request for purchase from customers. When you browse our website, there will be an online service window popping out to serve you. Our customer service personnel will be there talking to you. You can tell them your actual need, such as your requirements on fan applications, volume capacity, static pressure and others. Then your request will be forwarded to our sales engineers. They will contact you as soon as possible. Or you can call our telephone number directly that can be found on the website.

In contacting with our sales engineers, you can make your request clearer to them. And if our products cannot meet your request, we can customize for you. Or our technical engineers will discuss to make appropriate adjustments in our products to suit your needs.

After all the technical issues are made clear, you will be sent a notice informing you to order the products based on the product model and quantity agreed upon.

After a manager (or whoever is assigned) approves the purchase requisition and a purchase order is made, you may send a budget request that is to be approved by the financial department. You can approach the prospective suppliers and send out requests for quotation (RFQ) to compare their quotations.

After all the RFQs are collected and analyzed, the next step is to negotiate and sign the contract. On payment, detailed methods will be sent to you, including the information on beneficiary bank and Letter of Credit. Also, the lead time, product delivery and after-sales requirement will be discussed.