Technical Support


INFINAIR provides technical support in many forms to ensure that our customers can have extraordinary experience in using our product. The following among others are the services we offer:

  • Service 1: Customer Service Hotline

    Should any problems occur in using our products, please contact us on 400-821-3316 on workdays (Business hours from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Service 2: WeChat Official Accounts Platform

    From the past experience, we know that we can respond to you much faster if you can kindly send photos or videos of field installation and equipment nameplate (carrying the serial number and model number). In this regard, the Eagle Service platform is quite a convenient tool.
    Open WeChat, go to Scan QR Code under Discover. Then scan the QR code below to enjoy the convenient services rendered through INFINIAIR Eagle Service.

  • Service 3: Remote Guidance via Telephone (Free of Charge)

    Most of the problems at the jobsite occur as a result of unfamiliarity with products. Our professional after-sales engineers prefer to provide technical and operating guidance via telephone, a simple but efficient way.

  • Service 4: Field Installation Guidance (Free of Charge)

    As prescribed in the INFINAIR after-sales terms and contract, we will send engineers for field installation guidance, commissioning service and training on routine maintenance. All these services are free of charge.

Besides the services above, the INFINAIR laboratory has excellent experimental test capabilities.
As the first AMCA accredited laboratory in the mainland of China, INFINAIR laboratory has the following test capabilities:
1. perform overspeed test in accordance with JB/T6445 Overspeed test for industrial fan impeller;
2. perform vibration test in accordance with JB/T8689 Fan vibration detection and its limited value and other related standards;
3. perform thrust test for tunnel jet fans in accordance with ISO 13350 Industrial fan-Performance testing of jet fans;
4. Designed in accordance with such standards as EN 12101-3 and UL 793, INFINAIR laboratory has built high-temperature furnaces for smoke removal fans for performance tests and as a witness test platform for obtaining TUV, UL and other overseas certifications.
INFINAIR laboratory can perform other tests, such as low and high temperature tolerance test, water spray and splash test, sand and dust test, physicochemical test and motor performance test. The laboratory helps ensure efficient R&D, reliable quality assurance and accurate technical data.