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Numerical Simulation Technology

Leading CFD Technology in the Industry

INFINAIR Research Institute has advanced CFD technology that has grown in maturity over the years of tests and optimization. The CFD represents an important technological strength of INFINAIR Research Institute. It has accurate results that can be figured out quickly. Fast customization service can be delivered and economical costs can be maintained.

CFD flow field pressure and rate of INFINAIR patented complete mixed flow fan (process illustration)

CFD flow field trace of a certain new box-type centrifugal fan of INFINAIR (process illustration)

CFD analysis for inducing fan of garage (process illustration)

Process illustration of FEA stress distribution for customized centrifugal fan impeller made by INFINAIR

Modal analysis for fan frame made by INFINAIR Research Institute through FEA

Focused on Product Lifecycle Management, INFINAIR Research Institute fulfills the duty of the management of all products. Its obligations are as follows:

  1. Basic research in hydromechanics;
  2. Market research in ventilation, gas heating, motor, air purification and automatic ventilation control system;
  3. Product planning and development;
  4. Customization;
  5. Product launch and promotion, maintenance and update/obsolescence;
  6. Product experimentation, testing and certification;
  7. Order processing and technical support.

Research Institute of INFINAIR, a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, has an excellent technical team comprising 50 people of various age groups and boasts an effective talent cultivation mechanism. Bathed in the Youth Culture that features constant learning, diligence, progress, vision, innovation and leadership, INFINAIR R&D team has developed a corporate spirit that encourages innovation and this has become a core competitive edge of INFINAIR.

INFINAIR Research Institute always takes Reliable, Convenient and Novel as the basic concept in product R&D and design. With this concept in mind, the institute has obtained more than 40 patent certificates, won many awards and launched many new products for the first time in the industry. More importantly, INFINAIR Research Institute takes resolving customer problems where needed as the most valued work style. All these have helped create extraordinary customer experience and gain full trust of customers.

INFINAIR Research Institute will accelerate the pace of innovation.