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Seeking Representative Companies


As INFINAIR is going global, we are looking for professional, driven people, with initiative and some practical knowledge of the Ventilation Industry in the country where you are living or working. For all sales that you make on our behalf, a generous commission will be granted to you. For you to better know INFINAIR, these are the major advantages we have:
Short lead time
Lead time is the time between a confirmed customer order and its scheduled delivery time. INFINAIR boasts smart production line, robot welding technologies and agile manufacturing capabilities. All these make short lead time possible.

  • Flexible customization

    We identify your needs and tailor them to our services provided to you. The customized fans can well adapt to the different operating conditions. Extraordinary customer experience is what the customization service aims for.

  • Quick response

    Quick professional service both before and after sales makes us stand out. INFINAIR’s engineers are fully ready to respond at your call. Free dedicated hotline, Wechat official account and professional service staff are available to customers.

  • Reliable quality

    Various tests are performed on our products to ensure reliable quality, including tests on air volume, air pressure, power, sound, temperature resistance, salt spray and water proof performance, etc. Besides, INFINAIR products generally have such certificates as CCCf, AMCA, TUV, UL,RoHS and ErP2015.

  • AMCA accredited laboratory

    INFINAIR's laboratory is the first laboratory in the mainland of China to be accredited by AMCA. It was established in 2006 and has been expanded ever since. Wind chambers of different sizes are suitable for testing fans of various volume capacities to ensure the product quality.

We are looking forward to developing a business relationship with the potential representatives for win-win outcomes. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.