Rooftop Axial Fan-Impeller Type X – YFRTX


Volume Capacity: 10~152,000 m³/h (6~89,412 CFM)


Static Pressure: 0~700 Pa (0~2.81 in.WG.)


Drive Types: Direct drive


Installation Methods: Rooftop


Applications: Rooftop ventilation / Explosion proof ventilation / Smoke exhaust


Aerodynamic Design

  • The impeller uses CFD flow field simulation technology to optimize the design and undergoes repeated tests;
  • Theinteraction between the impeller and air produces stable and consistent airflow;
  • The three-dimensional curved impeller design leads tosmooth airflow and reduces turbulence.

Structural Design

  • The CAE computer-aided design is used to optimize structural performance;
  • Reliable hub and blade connecting technology;
  • Effectively reduces blade tip amplitude and prevents blade deformation or fracture after long-term operation.

Manufacturing Process

  • Three-dimensional curved bladesare formed by molding to ensure accuracy;
  • The hubuses special tooling to ensure accuracy;
  • Bladesare installed with special tooling to ensure desired

High Balancing Level 

Each impeller reaches G2.5 grade balancing level (whereas common products have only G6.3 level). This high balancing level has ensured the stable, durable and quiet operation of YFRTX fans.

More Choices 

  • 16 sizes and the maximum impeller size of 1800mm;
  • Impeller material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP coatingsoptions are available.


Low Energy Consumption and No Overload

  • The impellerhas excellent aerodynamic characteristics and sound features;
  • There is smooth airflow inside the fanand low pressure loss;
  • Small clearancebetween the impeller and the cylinder housing, reducing secondary flow loss;
  • More efficient: high efficiency throughout a wide range of performanceand no overload.


Wide Applications

Rooftop ventilation, smoke exhaust, positive pressure air supply, explosion proof ventilation and dual speed ventilation.


RTX fans have the CNEX certification to perform smoke removal duty.

Novel and Practical Design to Withstand Strong Wind

  • Streamlined flat hoodhelps reduce wind load;
  • Slope panel removes snow by gravity;
  • Suitable for use in strong wind areas;
  • It enhances modernity of buildings.

Complete Accessories

  • Supportsfor hood maintenance: They prevent accidents caused by wind blowing hood during maintenance;
  • Anchor pointsoptional: they are used for strong wind area;
  • Insect screen: It is providedas standard accessory for air supply;
  • Birdscreen: It is provided as standard accessory for air exhaust;
  • Safety guard: It eliminates

Reliability Design for Safety and Long Service Life

  • FEA designand even stress distribution for reliable operation;
  • High efficiency throughout a wide range of performance and no overload to avoid performance decline due to operating point slippage;
  • Reinforcing stiffeners ensures strength and light weight.

Advantages of Direct Drive Type: High Efficiency and Maintenance-free Design

  • Higher transmission efficiency without quick wear parts andlow maintenance;
  • Easier maintenance;
  • The motor has sealed lubrication-free bearings to improve service life;
  • Motorlocated in airstream for cooling.

Fan Type

The fan should be an axial direct driven type mounted with axial impellers.

Quality Standards

Tests shall be performed on RTX fans and certificates obtained under AMCA Standard 210 & 300. The published data shall derive from actual tests. The manufacturer shall have the Production License for National Industrial Products and get the ISO9001 certification.


The impeller should be an axial type. The blade should be made of carbon steel (surface treated with electrostatic epoxy coatings) [options: aluminum alloy (AL) stainless steel (SS) / glass reinforced plastic (FRP)]. The impeller should be statically dynamic balanced to G2.5 as per AMCA 204. After reaching the limit speed, it should be able to maintain a smooth airflow and low noise, and the fan should be able to effectively avoid the performance decline caused by the slippage of the operating point.


Weather Hood

The hood should be made of galvanized steel panels [option: stainless steel (SS)]. The internal support structure should be stable and reliable. It shall be streamlined. The structure should be repeatedly reinforced with stiffeners to withstand strong wind loads. It should be a slope type to eliminate rain and snow with gravity during heavy rain or snow.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. The motor shall have a degree of protection standard IP54, an insulation class F and Temperature Rise Class B. Its bearing shall be of ball type and require no lubrication. The motor type must be correctly selected according to the specific operating conditions, such as TEFC, 2-SPD, EXP, VFD and 60Hz.

Spark Resistant Construction (For explosion- proof type only) 

The motor shall be of explosion-proof type. An AMCA 99 Type B Spark Resistant Construction shall be adopted. A copper ring shall be fitted at the inlet. The fan shall have the Ex Certificate of Conformity and the Production License for Explosion-Proof Electrical Products shall be obtained.

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