INFINAIR’s Intelligent Ventilation Technology


Electronic control systems are equipped on all ventilation systems used for controlling, regulating and monitoring purposes. With the advancement of digitization, digital control systems are now integrating an increasing number of software-based functions that allow remote controlling and monitoring of the systems through computers, tablet PCs or smartphones where faults can be alerted to and diagnosed. INFINAIR is actively committed to the development of competitive software and systems to support our ventilation products.      

Smart Needs Identification:

It can dynamically adjust the operation target to the changing load and environment.

Intelligent Adjustment:

The use of inverter or EC smart control technology can make the fans achieve best results under the control of the intelligent speed regulation system.

Intelligent Real-time Information:

Individual workstations are linked to the central control system through internet or local area network.

Intelligent Detection System:

Reliable sensors can detect early symptoms and notify the user, ensuring stable operation.