INFINAIR’s reverberant room was accredited by AMCA


Recently, the International Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) officially issued a notice to INFINAIR: The newly built 1700 m3 reverberation room (No. 55 Qingneng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai) has completed the approval procedure and was officially issued an AMCA certificate.

The approval is based on the AMCA 300 standard (Fig. 2 & 3), which means that INFINAIR has the ability to test fan noise with greater accuracy at the laboratory.

In accordance with AMCA's standards and regulations, the data from the accredited laboratory can be used not only for comparison and optimization of INFINAIR's internal product development, but also for direct application for AMCA product certification.

INFINAIR is taking another step toward its product value proposition (“Reliable, Convenient and Novel”).

The development history of INFINAIR laboratory:

Since its founding in 2006, INFINAIR laboratory has attracted a lot of attention from domestic and foreign counterparts.

The air chamber 1 was designed and tested in strict accordance with AMCA210 standard with a test volume of 30,000 CMH.

In 2009, a much larger air chamber 2 (test air volume of 200,000 CMH) was put into use, meeting the urgent needs of INFINAIR to test large industrial centrifugal fans and effectively improving the reliability of fan parameters.

In 2011, the air chamber 1 and air chamber 2 were simultaneously accredited by AMCA (210 standards). INFINAIR laboratory thus became the one of the earliest laboratories in mainland China accredited by AMCA.

However, INFINAIR decided to go even further.

In 2014, INFINAIR spent more than RMB 13 million on further expanding the laboratory. The new investment projects include:

  1. Air chamber 3: the maximum test volume is 200,000 CMH. Its functions are different with air chamber 2.
  2. Areverberant room of 1,700m3(use for professional fan noise testing)
  3. A brand-new plant of steel structure was built with all three air chambers and the reverberation room.

Upon completion, INFINAIR immediately applied for AMCA accreditation process for new projects. In 2016, the air chamber 3 was successfully accredited by AMCA.

In March 2017, the reverberation room was also successfully accredited by AMCA.