Centrifugal Fan Market in EU Countries (2)


Talking about the market of centrifugal fans in EU and the trend of multiple applications in various configurations, it should be worth noting that the market of centrifugal fans in EU actually took a portion of nearly 30% in the world market as a whole in the year of 2017. EU has witnessed great economic development. In particular, the industries such as mining, power, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors have enjoyed huge growth, which has driven up the demand of centrifugal fan in both industrial and domestic fields, propelling the fan market growth in this region. Besides, the power generation industry has been on the agenda of the infrastructure list in EU countries. There has been a growing awareness in the region that power stations shall be equipped with special cooling equipment for great efficiency and operational safety. Without an effective ventilation system, there could never be sustainable growth in this continent. Fan can be used to supply and exhaust air for power generation processes. With the development of power generation that requires effective cooling solutions, the market of centrifugal fans will continue to be on the rise in the coming years.

As today’s world is becoming more and more concerned with environmental protection and energy efficiency, important market players in the global market of market of centrifugal fans , including Greenheck Fan, Twin City Fan, Ebm-Papst, Air Systems Components, Fl?ktGroup, New York Blower, Johnson Controls, Loren Cook, Howden, Nanfang Ventilator, Yilida, Systemair, Acme Fans, Ventmeca, Soler & Palau, Cincinnati Fan, Zhejiang Shangfeng, Nortek Air S are increasing their input in their research and development activities to meet the green trend. On the one hand, they are trying to gain greater market shares with their existing product portfolio, but also rolling out more creative products to the market and promote these products with greater efforts to meet the strict regulations in terms of energy consumption and efficiency requirements.

European Commission regulates that for fan manufactures and suppliers who wish to market and export their electric motors to EU, Ecodesign requirements are a mandatory requirement. The energy efficiency requirement is included. With more energy efficient motors, EU member states can save up to 135 TWh of electricity by 2020, a figure amounting to the annual electricity consumption of Sweden. As a result, 60 million tonnes of CO2 emissions will thus be eliminated. Manufacturers do a lot more than what is required about energy efficiency grade. Spurred by the innovative products launched by manufactures and encouraging policies formulated by EU countries, the market of centrifugal fans will definitely make great leaps towards tremendous growth to over $4 billion by 2024.