The 2019 edition of China Refrigeration is going to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China from 9 - 11 April 2019. At that time, over 50,000 visitors from more than 100 countries and around 1100+ exhibitors from over 30 countries will be participating in this huge exhibition.

Included in the exhibition are Refrigeration Equipment, Refrigeration systems and plants ,air conditioning, heating equipment, Chillers, Heat pumps, Thermal storage, Heating, cooling and power combined, refrigeration machines etc.

As the biggest expo for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, CHINA REFRIGERATION EXPO is one of the most significant international exhibitions for Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Installations, Food Processing Technology, Heaters, Ice Machines, Measuring Systems, Packaging Technology, and Refrigeration.

Sections of the exhibition includes

  • ventilation plants (air duct, airlines; fans, axial, radial, cross flow; fan impellers, fan blades and accessories; fan inverter; wall mounted fans; roof fans; ceiling fans; air passages, ventilation gratings, airinlets/ air outlets; fire protection flaps (vents) and accessories; cooling and heating coil; acoustic insulation; muffler; miscellaneous components for ventilation plants) ;
  • refrigeration equipment (refrigeration systems and plants; components for refrigerating systems and plants; cooling units and refrigerated cabinets; coldstores, frozen food stores; cold storage and freezer cells; refrigerating systems for transport; refrigerated containers; accessoriesfor cold stores, frozen food stores );
  • air conditioning(air conditioners; special used air conditioners; air treatment; control equipment for intelligent building; central air conditioning plants; roof-top air conditioningstations; variable refrigerant flow air conditioners; household central air conditioners);
  • heating equipment(burnersand accessories; floor-mounted radiation, infrared radiation, wire or electric diaphragm heating equipment, boiler accessories); assembly supplies for refrigeration and air conditioning (pipes; insulating materials; heat conductors; soldering and welding materials and accessories; sealing materials; fixings, iron-mongery; valves)
  • tools and equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning (evacuation and filling equipment; processing equipment; tools for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry; soldering and welding equipment; testing equipment; leak detectors; thermometer; cleaning appliances and materials; installations for descaling and water treatment; waste disposal and recycling equipment)
  • others (wholesalers; associations, professional organizations; publishers, trade journals; computer software and hardware (specific to trade); testing, certification and training.)