The Great Development of EC Motors


After many years of research and development, INFIANIR has rolled out its latest generation of EC motors to well suit the market demand for a ventilation solution component of higher efficiency. With the up-to-date technologies it incorporates, we believe it will be well received in the market to bring the best possible customer experience we are aiming for.

In the past, for HVAC scenarios, AC motors acted as the major unit for air delivery that operated at full capacity consistently. Electronically Commutated (EC) motor was then developed to address the growing concern for greater energy efficiency and more flexibility in applications.

EC (Electronic Commutation) fans refer to fans with Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors that accomplish commutation electronically. It is a combination of AC and DC voltages, exploiting the best of the two technologies. The permanent magnet technology is used on EC motors to avoid loss of excitation and rotor loss. With DC motors, the power consumed in operation is naturally lower and there will be less motor lip than AC motors. But inside the INFINAIR EC motor, an electronic PCB will transform the voltage from AC to DC with the drive control system that has been iterated to the 3rd generation of INFINIAIR electronic commutation algorithm.

The EC motors developed by INFINAIR have the following distinguishing features:

1.Stepless Variable Speed

AC fans are not automatically adaptive to various operating conditions. So additional hardware (such as the variable frequency drive) is needed to change fan speed.

With the drive controller or the top-level control system, the stepless variable speed function helps EC fans meet various operating conditions in real time, requiring no additional hardware.

2.High Efficiency

INFINAIR smart EC fans are over 30% more energy-efficient at both high and low speeds than AC fans that generally work with low efficiency and great energy loss.

3.Strong Compatibility

By virtue of the drive control system, EC fans can operate in a wide voltage range and run on AC / DC power supply, compatible with 50Hz / 60Hz power sources. This strong compatibility is one of the advantages EC fans have over AC fans.

Reliable quality and stable operation of INFINAIR EC fans are ensured through strong R&D, advanced manufacturing processes and professional tests, including water spray and splash test, high and low temperature test, sound test, salt spray test and environmental simulation test.

As all the nations are tightening their control on energy consumption and more strict regulations are being formulated, manufacturers will have to be more innovative in developing EC technology to meet the demand and expectations. INFINAIR with its great advantages in EC technology is on the right track and gaining great momentum in this area and fully ready to serve customers all over the world.