The domestic fan industry establishing an export-oriented strategy


With the development of the construction industry, ventilation systems are playing an increasingly important role in the construction.

In order to improve the surface quality of small and medium-sized fan products, the domestic fan industry must first start from the tooling process by promoting the molding of the products in the manufacturing process, and abandon the manual operation process, thus fundamentally providing the guarantee of improving the surface quality of the work piece. Secondly, the welding quality is of equal importance. The welding process of small and medium ventilation fan accounts for the majority of the entire manufacturing process of the fan, so its welding quality directly affects the surface quality of the fan. At present, most manufacturers use manual arc welding. The technical level and responsibility of welding operators determine the welding quality level. Manufacturers should make appropriate inputs in their welding process such as argon arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. The qualified manufacturers should also introduce robot welding technology like foreign industrial developed countries.

Last but not least is the surface quality of the paint. At present, apart from individual manufacturers including INFINAIR CORPORATION, special paint treatment processes are adopted on the surface of the fan to make it meet the export requirements. At INFINAIR CORPORATION, the fan housing is treated with electrostatic powder coatings. Greater than or equal to 70%, the gloss level of the finished surface is achieved. The surface is ensured to be a level one so that no sags, cracks, cockles or detachment shall be found. But most fan manufacturers still have the surface of the fan parts without any special paint treatment, and some even use the most original painting method.

After joining the WTO, the economic and technological cooperation between China and WTO members will be greatly improved, and the investment environment in China will be further improved. It will be more conducive to attracting foreign investment, introducing advanced technology and equipment, and developing Sino-foreign joint ventures for greater cooperation or new technologies. The fan manufacturers will seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to carry out exchanges, negotiations and cooperation with foreign manufacturers with high reputation, competitive products and good cash flow. The technical and management levels of the industry will be further improved.