INFINAIR i-Control System


INFINAIR i-Control system provides you with a one-stop solution for ventilation and automation systems. INFINAIR i-Control automatic control cabinet selects reliable electrical components, and has beautiful processing and wiring specifications. It adopts high-end production equipment and strict quality assurance system to ensure reliable quality.

Model selection and integrated customization of INFINAIR i-Control system is assisted by professional software. According to actual needs, this experienced intelligent knowledge base is integrated with the selected ventilation equipment in the same software. The intelligent binding is not only highly automated, but also dynamically adjusts to the corresponding changes.

Our programmers are not just programmers. They not only understand the relationship between speed, power, torque and vibration, but also understand the essential difference between frequency conversion and vane adjustment.

For example, when the sensor detects that the concentration of CO and NOx in the tunnel exceeds the standard, the signal is quickly transmitted to the i-Control system. After intelligent identification, the fans in the relevant areas are dynamically networked and coordinated, ensuring rapid compliance with environmental and safe driving standards.

INFINAIR i-Control system can do more for you. Our extensive experience in the application of ventilation systems and a deep understanding of the jobsite complexities are our core value. The actual operating conditions are always much more complicated than the design conditions. How to smoothly change the operating point when the system load changes to ensure that surge and stall will not occur? How to combine the operating characteristics of the fan to achieve the minimum impact on the grid? How to reduce the number of control cabinets to reduce costs? We help you better anticipate and prevent these problems.

If what you are aiming for is not only about the present, but about the future, Made in China 2025 strategy and the Internet of Things, then INFINAIR is the best choice for your support system. The deep integration of i-Control with your Building Information System (BIM) or production control system ensures smooth, reliable, safe and energy-efficient operation at the system level. This is our strength.

INFINAIR has professional subsidiaries responsible for collecting, filtering and transforming performance data, temperature and vibration parameters during operation to realize remote diagnosis of faults, analysis of operational efficiency, energy efficiency monitoring, and early warning of fatigue and aging.

All of this data is valuable for your industry, and it's critical to build your industrial IoT system or to connect and work with your BIM system. Whether you are building a green building, taking on a very important municipal project, or building a new factory for intelligent manufacturing, the INFINAIR i-Control system is your ideal choice