How to Design Restaurant Ventilation Systems


In spaces where food is prepared and enjoyed, air management issues are best managed with a complete, integrated and balanced ventilation system. They say too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth. Similarly, mixing and matching different air equipment brands is not a good idea. Let’s look at a comfortable little restaurant for a sampling of INFINAIR’s ventilation products.

Starting in the kitchen, INFINAIR provides kitchen exhaust fans Centrifugal Utility Set – CUS or Inline Round Centrifugal Fan – YFICA. The variable volume option allows the system to ramp up and down based on the cooking load for operating efficiency and energy savings. Utility distribution systems offer single point connections for water, gas, electrical and other optional utilities to round out a flexible, integrated kitchen ventilation system with optimum flexibility. Packaged kitchen make-up air units provide supply air and offer heating and cooling options. Prewired onboard controls provide the highest quality of thermal comfort in the space. A high-temperature roof up-blast fan quickly removes hot air, smoke, contaminants and fumes from the interior. Utility fans handle ducted exhaust, supply and return air applications. Models for clean air, cooking exhaust, emergency exhaust and fumes are available.

INFINAIR’s ventilation systems include many other products that move air in, out of and around restaurant and commercial kitchens. INFINAIR, an important manufacturer of commercial and industrial ventilation equipment, provides all of the components needed for complete and integrated restaurant ventilation systems.

INFINAIR’s products deliver value with reliable performance, safety, quick cost-saving installation, energy efficiency and quiet operation. And restaurants can save money in the long term by incorporating INFINAIR energy efficient ventilation products into their buildings. For a clean, comfortable, quiet food preparation and dining environment, choose INFINAIR. Explore our website where you will find free technical information, including product specifications, access to our exclusive first-ever AMCA accredited laboratory and much more.