School Ventilation Systems


School air control needs vary and are best met with an efficient integrated system. When handling air for classrooms, offices, laboratories, kitchens, cafeterias and auditoriums, mixing various equipment brands can result in lower stability for your school project. Let’s take a look at the key elements of a school ventilation system, starting with an energy recovery ventilator. These units can act as a heat exchanger capturing energy from cooled or heated air and redirecting it for reuse within the system to cut down on operation costs.

Rooftop centrifugal exhaust fans are designed to expel relatively clean air. INFINAIR offers dozens of models, including low-profile units for use where aesthetics is a concern. INFINAIR handles all of your kitchen air needs. We provide high-performing kitchen exhaust hoods with industry-leading grease filtration options and other models designed for heat incumbency applications. INFINAIR’s variable volume options enable the system to ramp the airflow up and down depending on cooking load for operating efficiency and energy savings.

Utility distribution systems offer single point connections for water, gas, electrical and other optional utilities to round out a flexible, integrated kitchen ventilation system. Packaged kitchen make-up air units provide supply air and offer heating and cooling options.

INFINAIR has a self-contained laboratory exhaust system designed to dilute and remove hazardous or noxious fumes. The system’s high-velocity nozzle displaces lab exhaust high above the roof, reducing the possibility of contaminating the building interior, exterior and surrounding neighborhood.

INFINAIR’s ventilation systems include many other products that move air in and out of school buildings. INFINAIR, an important manufacturer of commercial and industrial ventilation equipment, provides all of the components needed for complete and integrated school ventilation systems.

INFINAIR’s products deliver value with reliable performance, safety, quick cost-saving installation, energy efficiency and quiet operation. And schools can save money in the long term by incorporating INFINAIR energy efficient ventilation products into their buildings.

For comfortable staff and students, insist on INFINAIR. Explore our website where you will find free technical information, including product specifications, access to our exclusive first-ever AMCA accredited laboratory and much more.