Ventilation Systems for Warehouses and Industrial Facilities


Industrial and warehouse environments present a challenging mix for air handling issues. With large open areas, loading dots, offices and engine and process fumes, providing a clean, comfortable and safe work place requires a broad range of ventilation products. At INFINAIR, receiving, handling and distributing air in industrial facilities is something we are very good at.

Let’s take a tour of a typical INFINAIR warehouse ventilation system.

Make-up air unit provides supply air for buildings with process and combustion exhaust. A variety of configurations are available with or without cooling to provide a total system which meets the ventilating requirements of a variety of warehouse types. INFINAIR offers two types of warehouse heating systems which can be optimized based on the dynamics of your specific facility. They are Direct-fired Gas Heating Make-up Air Unit (Heating only) - UAH-DG and Direct-fired Gas Heating Make-up Air Unit (Cooling & Heating) - UAH-DC. They utilize a 95% efficient burner, which lowers utility costs. UAH-DG and UAH-DC are a on-demand heating system that pressurizes the building to keep the cold air out and keeps the space at a uniform temperature.

Rooftop fans such as RTC and RTX provided by INFINAIR are suitable for clean air applications, including supply, exhaust or filtered exhaust. Models are available with direct drive or belt driven fans. Fans for sidewall applications are also available in a wide range of sizes and capacities with a variety of accessories, including dampers and weather hoods.