Hospital Ventilation Systems


Today’s hospital ventilation needs are more demanding than ever with increasing focus on energy efficiency and sustainable building design concepts. The design for an entire medical facility includes public areas, offices, surgery suites, highly sensitive medical equipment, patient rooms, laboratories, kitchen and cafeteria. Only an integrated HVAC system can provide the reliability and performance for hospital needs. Let’s explore how INFINAIR’s products can contribute to an efficient and cost-effective air in hospital design.

INFINAIR offers an advanced Rooftop Centrifugal Exhaust Fan (RTC) quickly removes hot air, smoke, fume and contaminants from the interior. Models are available in either belt drive and direct drive arrangements with motor isolated safely out of the airstream. INFINAIR’s Centrifugal Utility Set (CUS) has industry leading kitchen grease extraction capabilities. It has variable discharge directions that can be adjusted. The different volume options allow the system to run up and down depending on cooking load for operating efficiency and energy savings. INFINAIR has Laboratory Exhaust Fan (YFLES) is a self-contained laboratory exhaust system designed to remove hazardous or noxious fumes. Its high-velocity exhaust nozzle displaces the lab exhaust high above the roof, reducing the possibility of reentering the exhaust into the air or contaminating the building exterior or the surrounding neighborhood, while saving energy in demand-based ventilation systems.

Mixed-Flow Inline Fan (ISH) can be used for supply, exhaust or return to air installations. INFINAIR’s mixed flow fans are the quietest tubular inline fans in the industry and are more energy efficient than the axial and centrifugal fan.

INFINAIR’s ventilation systems include many other products that move air into and out of and throughout hospitals. As an important ventilation system provider, INFINAIR is ready to meet your ventilation demands with our professional products and excellence-pursuing service staff. For a clean, comfortable, safe and quiet hospital environment, choose INFINAIR. Explore our website where you will find free technical information, including product specifications, access to our exclusive first-ever AMCA accredited laboratory and much more.