INFINAIR supports C919’s successful maiden flight


On May 5, 2017, at 14:01 Beijing time, C919, China's first big jetliner, made its first successful maiden flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. This is a historic moment of glory, as this is not only the pride of the Chinese people, but also the pride of INFINAIR. Every INFINAIR fan operating at the C919 production base represents a silent witness of the rise of Chinese manufacturing industry. INFINAIR’s supports in the process of Chinese dream coming true.

C919 is a new generation of passenger jet independently developed by China. Its research and development work started in 2008. Since 2011, INFINAIR has continued to provide a large quantity of reliable, high-quality ventilation equipment, professional technical consultation and after-sales services for AVIC Commercial Shanghai Pudong General Assembly Base (C919 R&D project).

A large passenger jet consists of millions of parts and components, involving dozens of complex systems such as avionics, environmental control, and flight control. The safety of aircraft flight cannot go without the design, development, manufacturing process and complex ground test before the maiden flight.

INFINAIR provided comprehensive and systematic ventilation solutions for AVIC Commercial Shanghai Pudong General Assembly Base (C919 R&D project). The solutions cover such areas as assembly workshop, subassembly workshop, numerical control workshop, composite material workshop, plate metal workshop, logistics workshop and heat treatment workshop and other buildings.

The INFINAIR fans used for the C919 production base include Rooftop Centrifugal Exhaust Fan – RTC, Inline Square Centrifugal Fan – ISQ, DWDI Cabinet Fan – YFICK, Inline Fully Mixed Flow Fan – YFIMF, Centrifugal Utility Set – CUS and Sidewall Exhaust Fan – WEX.