INFINAIR sponsors International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016


The International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016 hosted by Asia AMCA was held in Beijing on April 6. Experts, senior consultants, manufacturers and ISO engineers from the United States, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China, South Korea, India and other countries gathered here to exchange energy efficiency and future development trends, share successful industrial experience and promote the standardization of fan energy efficiency standards. 

AMCA stands for Air Movement and Control Association, founded in 1917 and headquartered in the United States. It is an international, non-profit organization committed to the system certification of fan manufacturing, louvers, dampers, air curtains, aerodynamic performance testing equipment, ducts, silencers and other air handling equipment.

Today, AMCA owns offices all over the world and has 330 member companies in 34 countries. Including Singapore-centered Asia AMCA, Brussels-centered Europe AMCA, and Dubai- centered Middle East AMCA that is being built. Since its inception, AMCA has been promoting the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the air movement and control industry for nearly a century.

INFINAIR is honored to be invited as one of the representatives of China. INFINAIR has won many AMCA product certifications and has an AMCA accredited laboratory. It has maintained friendly and cooperative relations with AMCA for many years, and continuously increased investment in R&D of related equipment. Following the strict testing standards of AMCA, INFINAIR has achieved real and reliable growth over the years. Reliability has been our core competitive edge of our products.

INFINAIR is also one of the platinum sponsors of the International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016. It has contributed to promoting domestic technological innovation, strengthening industry self-discipline and enhancing customer satisfaction. In the near future, INFINAIR Research College will bring the newest concepts into the actual products for a more extraordinary customer experience, so stay tuned.

Jin Shouqing (left), Director of INFINAIR Research Institute, and Chen Fengyi (right), Secretary General of China Fan Association at the International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016 

International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016 has its grand opening amidst the expectations  

Singaporean experts share Singapore's energy efficiency standards. Green development and energy conservation is the trend in the next decade.

INFINAIR is also one of the platinum sponsors of the International Fan Efficiency Regulation Symposium 2016.

Industry experts listen as guests share their insights