INFINAIR provides ventilation solution for Xiamen Shimao Channel Building


The BRICS Summit is a conference held by Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and China. On September 3-5, 2017, the ninth meeting of BRICS leaders was held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. Shimao Channel Building, the venue of the BRICS Business Forum, is the case of INFINAIR's project in early 2014.

The Shimao Channel Building developer has invested nearly RMB 5 billion and has worked closely with the American architectural design team that once designed the seven-star hotel to create a sail-shape twin tower landmark. In serving high-end projects, the criteria required are extremely demanding for the choice of ventilation solution provider. The factors considered are not only the high quality of the equipment, but also the rational layout, reliability and efficiency of the entire hotel ventilation environment, and construction details. Among the many well-known brands in the world, INFINAIR was finally chosen as the ventilation solution provider.

It is no accident that INFINAIR can provide fans for Xiamen Shimao Channel Building. With an aesthetically pleasing appearance, INFINAIR fans are truly reliable. INFINAIR won the full trust of all parties involved in this building project for its rich experience in large commercial complex, office building, hotel air ventilation and intelligent control application, strong R&D and innovation capability, good business record, rich product variety, complete certifications, and lean manufacturing capabilities.

Since 2014, INFINAIR has provided many fans in this project: Centrifugal Duct Fan – ISQ, Mixed Flow Fan– YFIMF, Vane Axial Fan – YFIAM, Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan – YFICK and so on. It is these reliable fans that provide continuous and stable ventilation needs of Xiamen Shimao Channel Building.