INFINAIR provides ventilation solution for Suzhou Center


Suzhou Central Plaza is located to the west of Jinji Lake, adjacent to the Gate of the Orient in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is composed of 10 buildings, with a total investment of 28.5 billion Yuan. Suzhou Central Plaza boasts the convenience of two metro lines of Line 1 and 6. The whole project covers an area of about 21.1 hectares with a net ground area of 13.9 hectares. The total construction area is about 1.82 million square meters, including 1.3 million square meters above ground and 520,000 square meters underground. In 2015, INFINAIR provided effective ventilation solutions for its shopping malls and buildings.

Suzhou Central Plaza is financed by South China Group and Suzhou Industry Park Jinji Lake City Development Co, Ltd. As a landmark building complex in Suzhou, the developers were also strict in the choice of ventilation equipment suppliers. They selected three well-known domestic ventilation brands to conduct field examinations and investigations. INFINAIR CORPORATION won the bid with its wealth of project experience, stable and reliable products, and convenient after-sales service. 

In this project, Centrifugal Duct Fan – ISQ, Vane Axial Fan – YFIAM, Mixed Flow Fan– YFIMF, Wall Exhaust Fans –WEX and other popular INFINAIR products are running reliably and stably in Suzhou Central Plaza. It is always a constant pursuit for INFINAIR to deliver extraordinary customer experience.