INFINAIR provides ventilation solution for mega-housing project of Huaguoyuan in Guiyang


When it comes to the mega-housing project of Huaguoyuan, it is so well-known and legendary that people in Guiyang and even the whole Guizhou Province are very proud. It is a a very expansive housing project in Guiyang covering an area of 400 hectares and a total construction area of ​​5.6 million square meters. The 160,000 m2 Huaguoyuan Wetland Park, 304 hectares of ecological mountain park, and 270,000 m2 City Centre Plaza are all included in this project.

INFINAIR staff is also very proud of this project, because INFINAIR fans provide a strong guarantee for the ventilation system of this large-scale urban complex. Over 10 models of INFINAIR fans are used in this project, including Mixed Flow Fan– YFIMF, Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan – YFICK, Vane Axial Fan – YFIAM, Centrifugal Duct Fan – ISQ and Wall Exhaust Fans –WEX.  

Since February 2015, INFINAIR has become the main supplier of ventilation equipment and provided general ventilation fans, pressurized fans and smoke exhaust fans for the Huaguoyuan project. In all the sub-regions of the project, INFINAIR fans are there to run reliably and quietly.  

Because of the large scale of the project, it is difficult to check the type, quantity, installation mode, and direction of the inlet and discharge. For the long time span (from the successful bidding in 2014), the batch delivery is preformed based on the site conditions. The fans are delivered at the right time to meet the construction schedule. Sometimes, there are few unloading points on the site, and INFINAIR fans have to be sent for timely installation. INFINAIR's sales team repeatedly communicated and coordinated with the parties involved in the project, and actively cooperated with various departments such as INFINAIR R&D, credit control, planning, supply, production, quality inspection, and after-sales. Now, every INFINAIR fan is running smoothly in the Huaguoyuan project, which provides a strong guarantee for the ventilation system of this large-scale urban complex.