INFINAIR provides ventilation solution for Shanghai Hongqiao World Centre


Hongqiao World Centre is a mixed-use project located next to the Shanghai’s Qingpu Xujing Conference and Exhibition Center development. It comprises a five-star hotel, a shopping centre and a sales gallery, offering premium supporting facilities to one of the world’s largest conference centres and the larger Hongqiao central business district.

INFINAIR has won the trust of customers with its rich project experience, good business record, reliable products and convenient after-sales service. Following the design concept of “being green, ecological, energy-saving, and smart”, it fully embodies the harmonious unity of people, architecture and nature. Not only can INFINAIR fans create an elegant, casual and comfortable office environment for enterprises, but also can meet the multi-dimensional and multi-functional development of Hongqiao World Centre. 

Since July 2015, INFINAIR has successively provided general exhaust fans and smoke removal fans for the office buildings D, L2 and L3, star hotels, commercial complex buildings A, R and H of Hongqiao World Center.

INFINAIR has provided many types of fans for the Hongqiao World Center, including Centrifugal Duct Fan – ISQ, Mixed Flow Fan– YFIMF, Wall Exhaust Fans –WEX, Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan – YFICK and so on. Each and every of these fans is running smoothly in these buildings. As ever, we at INFINAIR is doing our best to deliver extraordinary customer experience.