The following maintenance work


Maintenance shall be performed only by qualified personnel after disconnecting power. The user shall set up a table for periodic maintenance of each fan and keep a record of maintenance performed. The following maintenance work is performed on Model ISQ.

  • On Belt/ Pulley

    1. Check periodically (every six months) the alignment of pulleys and belt tension. Pulley displacement and loose belt may cause vibrations, sound, system loss and even premature wear and tear.
    2. After the first 24 hours of continuous running, the fan shall be shut down to adjust the belt tension.
    3. When replacing the old belt, a new belt of the same model shall be used.
    4. When replacing one belt, all the other belts that drive the fan shall be replaced at the same time.
    5. For belt maintenance, loosen the nuts on the L-shaped bolts connecting the motor base and angle steel to remove the belt. Don’t use too much force or try to pry it as it will cause damage or premature wear and tear.
    6. The taper bore bushing type pulley, the advanced of its kind, is used.
    7. When adjusting the pulley alignment, it only needs an Allen wrench to loosen the set screws on the taper bore bushing. Then screw them into the disassembling hole and tighten them to remove the pulleys.
    8. In removing and assembling pulleys, the screws must be must be secured at the same time.


    1. Remove the dust buildup on the exterior surface of the motor and cooling disc periodically to ensure excellent cooling effect. This routine shall be performed once every six months normally and once every three months if the dust builds up quickly.
    2. The motor with a lubrication hole shall be lubricated periodically. Refer to the lubrication nameplate for information about lubrication schedule, method and lubricant selection.
    3. The motor without a lubrication hole requires no lubrication.

  • Wheel

    1. The wheel shall be cleaned of foreign bodies, dust, oil and grease buildup. Otherwise, they will cause wheel imbalance and result in unwanted sound, vibration, system loss and premature wear and tear.
    2. Check the set screws used to secure the wheel to motor shaft for tightness.