Fan bearing lubrication

  • Proper bearing maintenance is most critical for bearing life.
  • Mounted bearing units (See below). There are lubrication holes that extend to the external surface of the housing;  
  • Clean the surface and do lubrication work periodically to ensure good cooling and safe operation.
  • Lubrication of the fans with two bearing blocks:
  • Grease lubrication.
  • A high quality lithium based grease conforming to NLGI Grade 3, such as Exxon polyrex EM, Shell Alvanin RL2, or Great Wall and Sea Lion #2.

Remark: The parameters of NLGI grade 3 are mineral oil as the base oil, lithium soap as the thickener. The penetration range is 220-250, temperature range of -20℃~120℃, and consistency number 3;  

  • Matters that need special attention in lubrication
  • Lubricate with the grease gun until it oozes out at the bearing seal.
  • The lubricants shall be added to the level between 1/3 and 1/2 of the fill quantity.
  • Lubrication frequency is determined by such factors as the load, speed, dust and temperature. The table below is a lubrication schedule recommended under normal conditions.
  • If the bearings run at a temperature of over 70℃ or in a dust environment, the lubrication intervals shall be more frequent.
  • Once selected, the type of grease shall be constantly used as a different grease type may lead to premature wear and tear.

Lubrication Schedule