Create a safe work space


According to a statistic revealed by British Health and Safety Executive, 12,000 lung disease deaths in Britain are thought to be related to dust exposure at work. This is a problem often found in the workplace. During 2012 – 2016, flour and wood dusts are the most frequently reported reasons for occupational asthma.

The flour and wood dusts at workplace can be exhausted by virtue of the right type of dust control systems mounted and properly maintained. At INFINAIR, we offer a wide range of products, including rooftop exhaust fans RTC, sidewall supply fans WSP and others, which meets a variety of ventilating requirements of your business.

Once workers are sick from occupational factors, lost work days occur, which is a big problem around the whole world.

Luckily, there is a changing attitude in all industries. A study performed recently of the engineering industry showed that employers has the view that dust removal requires a lot of labor, costs money and time and something that is not that significant but impedes work progress. Employees view that dust, as it is, will not do much harm and will be washed easily. Also, they think while it is uncomfortable to have dust in the throat, through the nose or into the eyes but it is just what their normal work requires and part of their job.

Great efforts need to be made not only to raise the awareness of the engineering industry but also to promote the importance of dust removal in all industries where dust is a primary concern. If not appropriately handled, dust can be hazardous and it is imperative to exhaust dust for clean work spaces with no fatal lung diseases.

INFINAIR objects to the thinking of some companies that dust removal costs too much time and money. To mount such a system, it just takes a few hours or several days depending on product models and system complexities. INFINAIR constantly works to meet customer’s schedules to make sure their work is not affected in the slightest way. Product maintenance will be done only when faults occur. And some of our products even do not require maintenance. Spare parts can be ordered and delivered quickly to save more time for customers.

With our professional technical ventilation team to answer your questions regarding the dust removal systems and you are welcome to our company for visiting our plant and enquiring the product prices. Also, we have a dedicated after-sales service team to offer you the best possible services.

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