High temperature exhaust fans


“Many are never used; some are used just once; others are used all the time.” What are they? They’re high temperature exhaust fans. There are generally two kinds of high temperature exhaust fans: emergency smoke removal and process ventilation fans. Generally speaking, although emergency smoke removal fans may not be used even once, they have to be mounted and are able to exhaust high temperature air and smoke when fire breaks out. In contrast, high temperature process ventilation needs the fans to continuously perform exhaust of high temperature air, fumes or particulate. Emergency smoke removal and process ventilation are vastly different, which requires engineers to take into consideration the construction and system design requirements.

High-temperature exhaust fans are used in buildings, which can be used as fire-fighting and smoke exhaust equipment according to different requirements of civil construction. They have the characteristics of energy efficiency, stable operation, low noise and high temperature resistance, etc. Their structure is considered by customers and the government to be a safe fire protection system.

The high temperature exhaust fans are divided into five performance points according to the air volumes. Performance is subject to the performance table. The factory-qualified fan has a constant air volume and the total pressure error does not exceed ± 5%. According to the special motor cooling system, the main air channel medium is 280 ° C, under which fans can run continuously for more than 30 minutes. When it is less than 280 ° C, they can run continuously for a long time.

High-temperature exhaust fans are used for fire protection of buildings, such as subways, tunnels, stadiums, high-rise buildings, underground malls, workshops, and smoke ventilation. Generally, two-speed motors are used. Usually the low speed is for ordinary ventilation. In the case of a fire, it automatically switches to high speed through an electronic control system and quickly removes smoke within half an hour so that personnel in the fire can be safely evacuated. No viscous substances are allowed inside the gas, which contains dust. The hard particles are not more than 150 MG / m3. The intake air temperature should not exceed 80 °C when used for ventilation. When used for fire protection, the fans can continuously operate at the flue gas temperature of 280 ° C for more than 30 minutes.

High-temperature exhaust fans can be widely used in high-rise civil buildings, underground garages, ovens, tunnels and any occasions where high temperature gas is required.