INFINAIR wins Shanghai Famous Trademark award again


On January 19, 2016, despite the biting cold wind, the deputy director of the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau Waigang Office and his staff, cordially visited INFINAIR CORPORATION and held warm discussions with the INFINAIR management. When the "Shanghai Famous Trademark" certificate was issued, bright smiles were on everyone’s faces. This is the recognition of INFINAIR fans as a great brand, and also official expectations of the national industry revitalization.

INFINAIR was issued this award again after INFINAIR won the Shanghai Famous Trademark award in 2013.The announcement was officially released on December 29, 2015 by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce. What does this mean to INFINAIR's customers?

  1. High market recognition

The value of the brand is an intangible asset. When you trust and choose INFINAIR fans as your professional ventilation equipment, INFINAIR's good reputation also reflects the strength of your brand. One of the basic requirements in applying for a Shanghai Famous Trademark award is that the brand shall have a high reputation and good business record in its industry.

  1. Reliable quality

Reliability is INFINAIR's first value proposition. INFINAIR is committed to independent R&D and lean production unremittingly to ensure reliable quality and stable performance of INFINAIR products. On the road to excellence, INFINAIR is actively working to win a large number of third-party certifications by using the most rigorous manufacturing process for constant improvement and more reliable products for customers.

  1. Cherish every opportunity to serve you

For INFINAIR, the brand value of the company is hard to come by, and every bit of growth is inseparable from the support and encouragement of customers. While cherishing the honor, we cherish more every opportunity to serve our customers. Eagle Service stationed all over the country is committed to providing you with one-stop service, creating greater value for customers. We at INFINAIR will work hard to live up to the title of Shanghai Famous Trademark and do everything we can to satisfy customer demands for greater development in the future.

INFINAIR wins Shanghai Famous Trademark award again

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