INFINAIR provides professional ventilation solution for Vipshop


As a manufacturing company that aims to provide ventilation solutions with real and effective products, INFINAIR keeps a low profile, supplying efficient ventilation solutions, reliable and stable products, and timely after-sales services to meet customer needs.

Vipshop is a one of the best known Chinese companies that operates the e-commerce website (formerly specializing in online discount sales. It now ranks as the third largest online retailer in China. Since 2014, INFINAIR has provided ventilation solutions for Vipshop's Central China Logistics Distribution Center. The Rooftop Centrifugal Exhaust Fan - RTC and the Sidewall Exhaust/Supply Fan - WEX/WSP work side by side to solve the problem of internal ventilation in the warehouse. The smooth, reliable and quiet running of INFINAIR fans is expressing its care and professionalism for customers.

After the Central China Logistics Distribution Center adopted INFINAIR ventilation solution and products, Vipshop continued to purchase INFINAIR fans for its South China Operations Center project and the North China Logistics Center project. It is no accident that INFINAIR can become the designated ventilation brand of Vipshop. Rich project experience, strong R&D capabilities, good business record, rich product variety, fully certified products, and lean manufacturing capabilities have earned the trust of many customers.