How to Save Time and Money on Fan Installations


In installing fans, there are three urgent things to consider for contractors: 1) How can I save money? 2) How can I save time? 3) How can I have fewer problems after installing the equipment? Nothing is worse than hearing "the lack of air because of your installation errors." Saving time at the job site is critical to making a successful project. As the saying goes, "Time is money" is true. Contractors usually look for the lowest fan bids, but the bids are not always equal to the minimum installation cost. INFINAIR has been leading the industry, saving time and the contractor money. In fact, the contractor provides equipment, the labor to install the fan, and all the necessary components. If the equipment manufacturer can offer installed options, accessories or features, the overall cost of the contractor will be lowered. 

By following these tips, your time and money can be saved for properly installing the fan.

Time Saving Practices  

1. Lift points. For a fan that cannot be lifted or passed through a normal door, lifting points are critical.  

2. Factory supplied isolators and/or isolation bases for Utility Fans, Blowers, and Inline fan applications. When the isolators and isolation bases are provided by the manufacturer, their sizes will conform to the weight and type of the fan. This will require no coordinating efforts between the fan manufacturer and the isolator manufacturer. 

3. Installed and pre-wired motor. For all equipment with motors, make sure the motor is installed and pre-wired to the specified voltage. In order to prevent electrical problems such as motor wiring errors, motor damage and fan assembly problems, the fan should also be factory tested before leaving the factory.

4. In the case of strong winds, use a fan that does not need to be tied. INFINAIR introduced a range of aluminum roof exhaust fans that can withstand strong wind loads without the need for tie downs. It reduces roof penetration and does not require a structural engineer to check the fan installation, reducing installation time and potential leaks. 

5. For sidewall mounted applications, assembled wall housing or wall sleeve should be provided. Factory-provided wall housing or wall sleeve will save installation time as it is usually fully assembled and guaranteed to be compatible with other required components in the system, including dampers, guards and weatherhoods. Also, good fan performance and reduced vibration can be ensured resulting from the proper spacing between the propeller and damper.