How to adjust isolators?


There are different styles of isolators, such as neoprene mounted, free-standing, restrained spring and housed spring isolators. Make sure your color coded isolators are correctly laid out according to your submittal drawing. If you are unsure of proper placement, contact your local INFINAIR sales representative. Verify there is nothing rigidly mounted between the ground and the fan, such as ductwork or conduit.

Before you begin your work on your fan, follow all lockout safety procedures; make sure your fan’s power supply is shut off and fully lock out before you pursue. Some tools you may need are wood blocks, a pry bar and wrenches to fit a both leveling bolt and cap screws.

This example shows you how to adjust a free-standing isolator. First, loosen a cap screw. Keep the leveling bolt from turning and turn the cap screw counter-clockwise. Raise and block the equipment base evenly. From the underside of the bracket, turn the leveling bolt clockwise. Square the isolator perpendicular to the base. Turn the bolt counter-clockwise until the blocks can be removed. The blocks may be removed at this time. Hold the leveling bolt to keep it from turning and tighten the cap screw. Be sure to review the operation and start-up procedures listed in the installation manual.