High Temperature Process Ventilation


As with emergency smoke exhaust fans, high temperature process ventilation fans that are used for continuous high temperature ventilation share common features and options. For instance, ferrous materials resistant to higher temperature are both used; bearings resistant to high temperature are used; motor and drive units are located outside of the air stream or both have added cooling functions and heat insulation properties are included for good cooling effect.

With these similarities, there are still some differences between emergency smoke exhaust and high temperature process ventilation fans. High temperature process ventilation fans of continuous duty have a distinct application that is commercial kitchen ventilation.

The fans need to be carefully considered for selection in order for them to perform continuous smoke exhaust at higher temperatures. The factor of air density shall be taken into consideration. Running under two various temperatures, a fan moves the same volume of air. Even so, as temperature changes, the air density will be different and static pressure and horsepower requirements will change dramatically.   

For higher limiting temperature that the fans can withstand, some accessories and construction options are also modified in the high temperature process ventilation fans. For instance, there can be a heat slinger, an aluminum disc, mounted between housing and inboard bearing. It can help absorb and dissipate some heat that goes along the shaft so that less heat will go to the bearings.  

In constructing the fan, there is a common way of heat reduction. That is through the use of a heat gap between the bearing structure and housing that is hot. This gap makes the heat that goes to the bearings and drive unit slow so that the hot housing transfers the heat in a slow process.

High temperature process ventilation fans are available for use in various areas of the ventilation industry. One thing worth noting is that only through designing a single high temperature process ventilation fan is not suitable for all applications.