Filter needed to control cooking grease


Cooking grease is something that needs to be controlled and removed effectively. Grease happens because it is usually neglected in the cooking process and goes unnoticed unless the grease accumulation leads to serious issues at the restaurant facility. It is necessary to know the latest developments in getting rid of the grease particulates near the source. Even in these days when there is continuous research and new standards coming out, the food industry still has difficulty in understanding grease removal and controlling methods of the grease particulates. It can be understood because manufacturers of filters say the filters they manufacturers have efficiency as high as over 90%. But the truth is the real efficiency is perhaps about 20- 30%. What is the actual reason for this? It is because the claims made by these manufacturers are on the basis of a test created by the U.S. Navy in 1974 (NBSIR 1974). Such a test was developed before the particle size could be well measured. But in the present days, it is well known that the particle size is a crucial component in deciding the grease removal efficiency.

Fires are more likely to break out if there is grease accumulation in such places as hood, ductwork, exhaust fans, facility roofs, and adjacent equipment. The grease may also cause damages to the fan that may have its service life shortened because of the premature wear and tear on such components as motors and bearings. What is more, the uneven grease loading will lead to the roof life greatly lowered as the grease accumulation will cause the roof lining membranes to deteriorate at an early stage. With growing costs that come with cleaning ducts and changing filters on adjacent equipment is a by-product of poor grease particulate removal. Last but not least, exhausting grease into the air outside of the restaurant or cooking facility can lead to the grease landing on the cars of your customers. This will make the customers have a negative dining experience so that they may not frequent the dining place. What is worse, the businesses next to yours may also be badly affected from the grease particulates coming out of your place. The solution? Although it is easier said than done, the filter is a good choice. With an efficient filter mounted near the grease source which is the kitchen hood, the grease particulates can be mitigated effectively.