INFINAIR Project Case – The Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University


The Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University has an area of 280,000㎡. As one of the top-ranking hospitals in Anhui province, the hospital owns 30 clinical departments and 1,600 beds and about 1.2 million Outpatient and Emergency patients visit the hospital very year. So many patients plus those who care for them come and go to the hospital buildings.

Good ventilation facilities are of great importance to the health and safety of everyone here.

In 2015, the Second Hospital of Anhui Medical University held a competitive bidding process. INFINAIR, with its successful project experience and good reputation, successfully won the bid.

INFINAIR CORPORATION provided professional solutions based on the special features of hospital buildings, such as multiple partitions, complex functions, and risk of cross-infection.

  1. Distributed Ventilation Design

According to the design specifications of hospital buildings, clean areas, sub-clean areas, and contaminated areas must be strictly divided. Each zone must effectively control the internal differential pressure. INFINAIR engineers carefully selected and accurately regulated the airflow patterns of the different partitions. INFINAIR offered different fan models to meet the requirements of different operating points.

  1. Micro Negative PressureCreatedfor No Virus Transmission 

The micro-negative pressure ventilation system uses an effective mechanical exhaust method to make the indoor exhaust air volume larger than the air supply volume. Therefore, for the doors and windows of the hospital, the natural airflow has achieved a one-way direction into the room and will not go outward, avoiding the spread of bacterial viruses.

  1. Filter Units

In addition to the mechanical exhaust system, a filter section must be added to the exhaust fan to meet the special requirements in the hospital. The filter unit of INFINAIR fans adopts modular design and can be assembled freely. The aluminum alloy frame structure has high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. The structure of the access door is designed to facilitate the replacement of the filter element. A variety of filtration levels of primary, medium and high efficiency are available to meet your practical needs.

  1. HighEfficiency and Low Energy Consumption

The hospital's ventilation equipment runs for a long time every day. Such INFINAIR fans as Inline Square Centrifugal Fan ISQ, Inline Centrifugal Cabinet Fan YFICK and High Efficient Inline Vane Axial Fan YFIAM has large air volume and high efficiency. They can ensure stable operation, meet the requirements of low energy consumption, and save follow-up costs in the long run. The investment recovery period is short.

  1. i-Control System

Through the use of i-Control system, INFINAIR is can provide more ventilation solutions to meet various applications needs.

Adhering to the development concept of environmental protection and intelligent interconnection, INFINAIR i-Control system adopts intelligent sensor and combines with ventilation system to automatically adjust according to the air quality of indoor environment, perform remote monitoring and centralized control, thus creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

Up to now, Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital, Suzhou University Children's Hospital, Hefei BOE Hospital, Shanxi Yuncheng Central Hospital, Shenzhen Pinghu People's Hospital, Changchun FAW General Hospital, Nanjing Gaochun People's Hospital Hospitals and other hospital customers are using INFINIAIR products.

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