Fan provided for the newly built 150,000 passenger car plant of Dongfeng Yueda KIA Co. Ltd


Dongfeng Yueda KIA Co. Ltd covers an area of ​​250,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 people. It has built a production line for stamping, welding, painting, final assembly and testing, and has an annual production capacity of 50,000 economical vehicles. In June 2009, Yueda KIA invested in a process production line in Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

Project challenges

  1. For indoor processing and production, a quiet working environment is required to ensure the health of employeesand the vibration and noise of the fan shall be low.
  2. The process line workshop belongs to the spraying processing workshop. It has a large amount of water vapor, and the air humidity is relatively high. As the fan is easy to corrodein such an environment, it is required to have a strong anti-corrosion
  3. The spraying workshop is prone to generate a large amount of dust. The accumulation of dust is likely to cause an explosion or fire, and the fan is required to have explosion-proof and fire-fighting properties.
  4. This is a high-endproduction process line, so the appearance of the fan is required to be relatively beautiful.
  5. The installation positions of the ducts in the workshop aredifferent, some at the top and some at the floor, requiring the fan to have a flexible structure for installation.
  6. The fan is installed in the front section of the air duct. It is easy to draw outdoor rainwater into the air duct during operation. Therefore, the fan is required to prevent therainwater entrainment.

INFINAIR CORPORATION ventilation solutions

In response to the above challenges, INFINAIR's DWDI Cabinet Fan (YFICK) satisfies the requirements for fans in the process line shop:

  1. The YFICKfan adopts aluminum alloy frame, and the structure is firm and does not warp, which satisfies the customer's requirements for the appearance of the fan.
  2. The fan adopts cold-rolled steel housing, sealed cabinetstructure and sufficient material thickness with low vibration The design has wide inlet flow passages that meet the recommended value of AMCA. This helps reduce turbulence, and the balancing level is up to G2.5.
  3. The fan adopts electrostatic epoxy adsorptionby processing the epoxy into film in high temperature for corrosion and rust
  4. The fan motor is externally mounted. The motor is located outside the airThe fire damper is installed at the air inlet and outlet to solve the problem of fire protection for customers.
  5. The fan adopts multiple inlet and outlet directions and can be base-mounted or ceiling hung.This solves the problem of future fan maintenance and duct installation.
  6. The YFICK fan can userain cover of different angles (such as 45/60/90 degrees) at the air inlet. In the rain cover, rain-proof louver or aluminum mesh filter shall be added to solve the problem of rain entrainment.