INFINAIR Fans in Pakistan


As a case that singles out from all, INFINAIR fans are used at a project 110 kilometers away from Karachi, Pakistan. These fans are to support the wind turbine power generators for better cooling effect.

Being an important link in infrastructure development, wind power is deemed as an energy source of the most prospects. Many countries are ready to invest a lot in wind power generation. China has an increasingly mature technology in making wind turbine power generators that gradually win popularity with the international community.

A running wind turbine power generator will produce a lot of heat. It requires a strong mechanical ventilation system to eject heat so that the generators can reliably run in a well-ventilated environment. Tailor-made fans are usually needed for large-scale wind turbine power generators to meet the specific operating requirements.

INFINAIR fans did not stand out among all other brands by accident

Global contractors often are strict with the choice of suppliers. An overall evaluation process is conducted not only on the suppliers’ manufacturing technologies and product quality but also on the reputation, after-sales services and business philosophy.

Products of International Quality Standards

INFINAIR fans are always keeping up with the international standards, which also meets customer requirements. INIFIAIR laboratory was established in 2006 and has been expanded ever since to include two super-large wind chambers (test airflow of 200,000 CMH), one small wind chamber (test airflow of 30,000 CMH). Also, the laboratory has one reverberant room of 1,700 m3 (for testing fan sound) and is equipped with other testing devices.

Many of INFINAIR’s products have been granted certifications such as AMCA, TUV, CE, ATEX and UL. This is also why INFINAIR stands out of all competitors.

Over the years, INFINAIR has boasted reliable and quality products and won customer’s trust. Our professional and customized services have also been widely recognized.

Customization Services

Rich industrial experience, strong R&D, modular component platform and agile manufacturing capacity are what we rely on to provide professional customized services. We are fully aware of the importance of customization to our customers and we take it seriously. The professional team from INFINAIR can offer quick quality solutions and customized fans for customers.

NFINAIR strives for delivering extraordinary customer experience for your ventilation needs.

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