Why is the impeller’s dynamic balancing level so important?


Impeller dynamic balancing is the standard manufacturing process that every INFINAIR fan must undergo. Based on years of experience, INFINAIR's leading impeller balancing technology helps implement the “reliable” value proposition of INFINAIR products. The dynamic balancing is actually to move the center of gravity towards the axis of rotation by increasing or decreasing part of the weight. In doing so, the vibration and noise during the operation of the fan will be significantly reduced.

INFINAIR uses the most advanced dynamic balancing machine including the SCHENCK brand. After starting up, the dynamic balancing machine rotates the impeller at the set speed. In the control panel, there will be a phase angle of unbalance and the value of unbalance that needs to be adjusted.

In most cases, gives preference to increase the weight of the impeller. Dynamic balancing correction of the impeller is performed by attaching weights such as bolts, nuts, and washers to the blade, the front disc, or the back disc. For steel centrifugal impellers, we need to weld the metal piece to the impeller and then send it for painting as the first time of dynamic balancing. Due to the weight of the paint itself, it will often affect the balancing results, so we will do the second balancing after painting.

As a responsible manufacturer, INFINAIR test-runs and commissions each impeller before the fan assembly to ensure residual unbalance is within the limits allowed by the standard. INFINAIR ensures the light and small impeller achieves the balancing grade of G2.5, and G4.0 for both the large impeller and steel impeller. G2.5 or G4.0 as per AMCA204 standard is clearly defined in the technical specification on INFINAIR product catalogs.

The dynamic balancing level of the impeller determines the allowable residual unbalance and is closely related to the impeller weight and the impeller speed. Why is the impeller's dynamic balancing level so important that INFINAIR puts so much time and effort into it? Because too much unbalance can cause excessive vibration, and it will produce noise and damage to the fan. Possible damages include: rapid wear of bearings or belts, reduced motor life, and wasted electrical energy. If it cannot be adjusted in time, the entire fan or related system may be out of service.

In the dynamic balancing correction work, INFINAIR engineers are skilled and experienced, and have excellent professional and technical skills. INFINAIR has consistently worked hard to deliver products of the reliable quality. It is our dream to create extraordinary experience for our customers.