Cabinet Jet Fan – PIV
  • Volume Capacity: 980 ~ 1,380 m³/h (576 ~812 CFM)
  • Throw Distance: 15 ~ 18 m
  • Outlet Velocity: 17~24 m/s
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 50 ℃
  • Nozzle Types: Tube nozzle / Adjustable swivel ball joint nozzle
  • Drive Types: Direct drive


  • The fan has compactstructure and light weight, convenient installation that requires no additional ducts and good ventilation effects.
  • High energyefficiency: High velocity discharge induces ambient air.
  • ThePIV fan is mounted with flexible metallic nozzles with discharge angles easily adjusted.
  • Intelligent positive inducing function is optional: Sub-regions are interlinkedfor less energy consumption and great reliability.
  • The fan housing is constructedof galvanized steel panels (Electrostatic epoxy coatings treatment is available).

Fan Type

The PIV fan shall be of positive inducing type mounted with a galvanized centrifugal steel wheel. It shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G2.5 balancing level.


Constructed of galvanized steel panels (optional: treated with electrostatic epoxy coatings), the fan housing is designed to prevent corrosion. An access door shall be mounted and easily removed for maintenance and inspection. At the outlet, baffle plates shall be fitted to ensure even discharge from each nozzle.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. It shall have a degree of protection standard IP44, and an insulation class F. The motor shall be of direct drive type.


The nozzle shall be directly mounted on the housing. It shall be of a flexible type and spun seamlessly with aluminum alloys.

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