Axial Jet Fan- YFPIM
  • YFPIMVolume Capacity: 5,000 m³/h (2,941 CFM)
  • Outlet Velocity: 17 m/s
  • Thrust: 28 N
  • Nozzle Type: Cone type nozzle
  • Drive Type: Direct drive
  • Applications: Inducing ventilation that can be used in underground car parks and other confined areas without natural ventilation.


  • The fan can be used in underground car parksand place of entertainment for diluting the waste gas and for better air.
  • The fan has high efficiency and long throw distance.
  • Thereare silencers mounted at the inlet and outlet to reduce noise even further.
  •  The motor has a degree of protection standard IP54, and an insulation class F. It can operate safely and reliably in the long term under -20℃~55℃.
  • The fan has attractive appearance and low weight. It is small and saves space.
  • The fan can be installed conveniently and the mounting angles are adjustable. The supplier will provide mounting brackets.
  • Safetyguard is fitted at the inlet for safe working conditions.

Fan Type

The YFPIM fan shall adopt aluminum axial fan and shall be direct drive type. At the inlet and outlet, there shall be fitted tube silencers connected with high strength bolts. To ensure safe fan operation, a steel safety guard shall be mounted at the inlet. The wheel shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G2.5 balancing level.


Quality steel sheets shall be used for the fan stack and rolled, continuously welded and spun. The fan stack and motor shall be all welded for great strength to support the dynamic load in operation.


A double-layer cylindrical structure shall be used. Sound absorptive cotton panels shall be placed between the outer layer of rolled and welded quality steel sheet and the inner layer of perforated sheets. The sound absorptive cotton panels shall be resistant to flames, insects and damp.

Surface Treatment

The housing shall be treated with electrostatic powder coatings. Greater than or equal to 70% of the finished gloss level shall be achieved. The surface shall be a level one so that no sags, cracks, cockles or detachment shall be found.


The motor shall match the fan load well and shall be IP54 rated with Class F insulation. Lubrication-free ball bearings shall be used. The leading wire shall be connected to the junction box for convenient wiring.


The nozzle shall be of tapered shape, high strength and low weight. It shall be formed by rolling and welding with aluminum alloys.

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