Induced Jet Fan– YFPIJ
  • Volume Capacity: 10,500 m³/h (6,176 CFM)
  • Throw Distance: 84 m
  • Two purposes: for both general ventilation and smoke exhaust
  • Operating temperatures: for general ventilation: -20℃~ 55℃;for smoke exhaust: 200℃/120min, 250℃/120min, 300℃/60min
  • Drive Type: Direct Drive
  • Installation Methods: Ceiling hung / Ceiling-mounted


  • Small size and low height make the YFPIJfan suitable for use in underground car parks that have low head room.
  • The backward curvedcentrifugal steel wheel has high efficiency, large volume, long throw distance and low noise.
  • Two purposes: For both general ventilation and smoke exhaust
  • Operating temperatures:

For general ventilation: -20℃~55℃.

For smoke exhaust system: 300℃ / 60minutes.

  • Motor: The motor hasa degree of protection standard IP55, and an insulation class H (For general ventilation, Class F is recommended).
  • The housing is constructed of quality cold-roll steel panelstreated with electrostatic epoxy coatings.
  • The inlet is fitted with the safety guard forsafe working conditions.
  • The fan has passed the TÜV SÜD high temperatureresistance test F300 (300°C / 60minutes).


YFPIJ fans are TÜV SÜD certified to run for 60 minutes under 300°C.

Fan Type

The fan shall have a backward curved centrifugal steel wheel that is direct driven. The fan shall   take a flat structure and the motor is positioned inside the inlet so that the room needed for installation is much less and lower engineering cost is required. A steel safety guard shall be mounted at the inlet.


The wheel shall be of backward curved centrifugal steel type and be all welded. It shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G4.0 balancing level. When operating at the highest speed, the wheel shall maintain stable airflow and low noise. The wheel characteristics shall help prevent a decline in fan performance as the operating point changes. The wheel shall be easily removed out for maintenance and cleaning.


Constructed of cold-rolled steel panels treated with electrostatic epoxy coatings, the housing shall take on a flat shape. Its thickness and strength shall be able to support the dynamic load.


Designed in line with air performance characteristics, the inlet has a streamlined surface for reduced turbulence, high efficiency and low sound.

Smoke Exhaust Certification

The fan shall pass the TÜV SÜD high temperature resistance test, reaching F300 standard (300°C / 60minutes). The fan shall have a TÜV SÜD certificate.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. It shall have a degree of protection standard IP55, and an insulation class F or H. Its bearing shall be of ball type and require no lubrication.

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