Metro & Tunnel Vane Axial Fan –YFMRT
  • Volume Capacity: 10,000 ~ 980,000 m³/h (5,882 ~ 576,471 CFM)
  • Total Pressure: 50 ~ 2,300 Pa (0.2 ~ 9.23 in.WG.)
  • Drive Type: Direct drive
  • Installation Methods: Horizontal/ Vertical
  • Applications: Metro/ Tunnels/ Engineering projects/ Dams, etc.


Reliable Design

— Advanced FEA technology has been repeatedly used during the designing and experimental stages. Thermal expansion and strength have also been considered, ensuring continuous operation under 300℃ for an hour.

— The aluminum alloy casted blades have undergone advanced welding process and X-ray metal inspection, ensuring the quality and the safety of the fan.

— The impeller has undergone dynamic balancing tests on both the hub and on the whole impeller. The balancing level reaches ISO G2.5. This means the fan has stable operation with lower vibrations.

— A series of tests, such as overspeed, mechanical performance, vibration and aerodynamic performance tests are performed on the impeller before leaving the factory for stability and reliability.

— High-strength bolts are used for connecting the hub and blades. For a strong structure, quality heavy gauge steel panels are adopted for the housing.

Great Efficiency and Low Noise

— Our engineers have repeatedly optimized the impeller with countless CFD simulations together with the latest aerodynamic design technology. Air and sound performance are guaranteed to have reached the optimum level.

— Streamlined inlet guard and rear guiding vanes can improve fan’s air performance efficiency and decrease sound level.

— The angle of the blades is adjustable while the fan is stationary for better performances and great efficiency under different conditions.

— Each impeller has undergone dynamic balancing tests for quietness and stability.

Resistance to High Temperature

High temperature resistant motors can be chosen for metro and tunnel applications. It is designed to make the YFMRT fan run continuously for no less than 1 hour under 280°C  and ensure no mechanical, electrical or structural failures occur. So the emergency smoke exhaust duty can be performed by the YFMRT fan.

Anti-Surge Design

When trains pass through the tunnel, the air pressure in the tunnel may change and the fan needs to work against high pressure. In order to prevent fan from surge, anti-surge equipment is designed for this scenario. The patented anti-surge equipment ensures good fan performance without surging.

Compact Design for Easy Maintenance and Installation

— The design of the rear guide vanes and airflow guiding unit makes the housing as short as possible. And the fan structure is compact with excellent performance ensured.

— The fan is direct driven with low maintenance and no quick wear parts. The fan is of direct drive type and has low maintenance and no quick wear parts.

— The lubrication work can be done on the housing through the lubrication line, which is more convenient.

— The vibration isolators are calculated and right chosen to fulfill the special conditions of metro and tunnel environment.

Symmetric Design, Short Switching Time

— YFMRT(R) fans can rotate reversibly. Symmetrically designed blades are there for similar performances in forward and reverse rotations.

— The inlet guard and guide vanes are mounted to enhance efficiency and reduce noise.

— Short start and stop time is achieved through reducing moment of inertia. At the same time, operational safety is ensured through the impeller structure.

— In reversing the fan rotation, dynamic braking is used. Through the soft start, the time needed for the fan to be reversed to the rated speed is less than 45S and less than 30S through compensated start.


The hub and blades are casted with aluminum alloy of great strength. Blades are designed to have high efficiency and low noise. The impeller has undergone advanced heat treatment, X-ray flaw detection, tensile test, metal processing and is dynamically balanced. The angle of the blades can be adjusted for different working conditions.


The motor can prevent heat and damp and has a degree of protection standard IP55, an insulation class F. Reliable bearings (brand like SKF, NSK) are used to match the motor. Lubricant refill/drain hole, shaft temperature alarm and wiring box are installed on the outside of the housing.


Quality steel panels are used for the housing. For appropriate blade radial clearance, the housing section for impeller mounting has undergone cutting process. The length and weight of the housing are aimed to be kept at the lowest level. The hot-dip galvanizing or painting process is applied on the surface so that it won’t corrode.

Guide Vane

It is mounted while the fan is not in motion for highest energy efficiency and smallest size.

Mounting Brackets

On the premises of maintaining overall strength of fan structure, mounting brackets are of light weight and easy installation.

Anti- surge Unit

The unit can prevent fan surge for long-term safe and reliable operation, especially in emergency tunnel applications.

Maintenance and Repair

In maintenance and repair, get down the flexible ducts at two ends and space section, undo the anchor bolts and the fan can be moved.

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