Wall Exhaust Fans –WEX
  • Volume Capacity: 400~29,000 m³/h (235~17,059 CFM)
  • Static Pressure: 40~300 Pa (0.16~1.2 in.WG.)
  • Drive Type: Direct drive
  • Installation Method: Wall mounted
  • Applications: Sidewall ventilation / Explosion proof ventilation



This size is for general type impeller that has an external rotor motor.


This size is for aluminum impeller of explosion proof type (aluminum belongs to non-ferrous metal. If used with an explosion proof motor, an AMCA 99 Type C Spark Resistant Construction will be adopted).


Used in both general applications and explosion proof applications, this size is for steel impeller (For explosion proof applications, there is the aluminum (a non-ferrous metal) inlet bell. If used with an explosion proof motor, an AMCA 99 Type C Spark Resistant Construction will be adopted).

Stress Tested to Ensure High Strength for Long-term Operation   

— The computer aided technology is used to perform stress analysis.

— Repeated tests are conducted to ensure the right positions of stiffeners.

— Blade ends have the amplitude substantially cut down.

–It helps protect blades from deforming or cracking during the long-term operation.

Forward Swept Blades, an Advanced Design

— Its design is optimized based on latest aerodynamic test data.

— Balancing level reaches AMCA-G2.5 grade.

— The blade curve is smooth and streamlined to cut into airflow progressively.

— The blade edge angle is properly designed to help reduce turbulence.

— Low sound is kept under large volume.


Motor inside the Airstream and Lubrication-free Design: Suitable for Mounting on High Wall

— WEX fans are small sized, simple in structure, light-weight and reliable.

— Motor is inside the airstream: good cooling effect to prolong motor’s working life.

— The motor doesn’t require lubrication and the fan requires no maintenance, which makes WEX fans suitable for mounting on high wall.

— There are no belts and so there is no need to climb high to replace belts.

Square Housing: More Reasonable Design

— Square holes are conveniently drilled on the concrete wall, brick wall and profiled sheet wall.

— An easy but strong structure is created by using a horizontal beam to support the single layer of profiled sheet wall.

Complete Accessories Available

— Standard accessories include the 45 degree rain cover, stainless steel bird screen, safety guard and stainless steel fasteners.

— Optional accessories include gravity backdraft damper, epoxy-coated housing and explosion proof structure.


WEX fans are CNEX (China Explosion Protection) certified.

Fan Type

The sidewall axial exhaust fan WEX shall have steel or aluminum forward swept blades. Blades shall have stiffeners for more structural reliability and less amplitude at blade ends. The motor and blades shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach G2.5 balancing level as per AMCA (204-1996).

Fan Housing

The housing shall be made of galvanized steel (option: cold rolled steel panel treated with electrostatic epoxy coatings) in square shape. There shall be a strong support structure for the motor to avoid resonance vibrations. The safety guard shall be installed in the room part of the installed fan to protect the safety of staff.

Explosion Proof Structure (Optional)

For diameter size 250~550, the impeller shall be made of aluminum and have aluminum inlet bell. For diameter size 600~900, the impeller shall be made of steel and have aluminum inlet bell. Explosion proof motors of flameproof enclosure Ex d IIC T4 is adopted for general explosion proof WEX fans and Ex d IIB T4 for compound explosion proof fans. An AMCA 99 Type C Spark Resistant Construction is obtained by virtue of the aluminum inlet bell or impeller (aluminum belongs to non-ferrous metal).


The external rotor motor shall have a degree of protection standard IP44 and an insulation class F. The motor shall be inside the airstream for good cooling effect. Customers can decide the motor wiring location while length of the outgoing line must be no less than half a meter long.

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