Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan – RTC
  • Volume Capacity: 300~52,000 m³/h (176~30,588 CFM)
  • Static Pressure: 100~700 Pa (0.4~2.81 in.WG.)
  • Drive Types: Direct/ Belt drive
  • Installation Methods: Rooftop
  • Applications: Rooftop ventilation / Explosion proof ventilation / Smoke exhaust


Novel Product Design

— The RTC centrifugal wheel is the first in the Mainland of China used for all-aluminum rooftop fans

— The RTC has an innovative wheel design that exploits the advanced concept of full control on flow passages

— The RTC wheel has advantages in efficiency and sound level

— High efficiency, wide range of performance without overload

Processes of International standards Used to Conform to Flow Field Characteristics

— Spinning rather than traditional processes are adopted for flow passage components

— Formed through the punching process, blades have a reliable quality standard

–Special fixtures and other tools are applied so that blades are mounted at the right positions.

Applicable for Smoke Exhaust and in Coastal Regions

–The wheel is made to run under a minimum of 200% of the highest running speed for smoke exhaust

— Materials are resistant to neutral salt spray and can be widely used in coastal regions

— Undergoing rigorous tests, its performance is trusted.

Wind-Surfer Wheel Upgraded to the 4th Generation

— The wheel has been improved continuously

— It has become more energy efficient

— Lower sound is produced and quieter operation ensured

All-aluminum and Explosion Proof Structure with Light Weight

— The product has aesthetic metal appearance

— It weighs only 1/3 of traditional products

— It includes Spark A spark resistance construction (AMCA99-10)


Super Long Service Life Ensured by Independent Motor Chamber

— The drive unit has no contact with the airstream as it is located in an independent chamber

— It is suitable for applications of kitchen hood, dust, engine oil and so on

— The product is highly reliable and has a designed service life of more than ten years

Practical and Beautiful Appearance Design

— The smooth and elegant appearance is designed with exquisite manufacturing technology

— The silver metallic housing easily matches different colors of buildings

— With the product, buildings are made to look more modern and noble

Light Weight Suitable for Light Steel Rooftop

— The housing and wheel are made of aluminum alloy

— The load on the rooftop is reduced requiring lower investment in steel

Wide Applications

— The product includes Type A spark resistant all-aluminum construction for explosion proof application

— It is suitable for smoke exhaust application

— It can also be used in coastal regions and on islands under salt spray environment


RTC fans have the AMCA certification for Sound & Air Performance & FEG and are TUV SUD certified to run for 120 minutes under 300°C.

Quality Standards

Tests shall be performed on RTC fans and certificates obtained under AMCA Standard 210 & 300. The published data shall derive from actual tests. Each fan shall bear the AMCA Seal for Sound and Air Performance before leaving the factory.

Fan Type

The RTC fan shall have an aluminum backward inclined centrifugal wheel. To ensure the fan has smooth air movement, the wheel cone shall be designed with a curved section. Each wheel shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G2.5 balancing level (Standard ISO 1940).

Fan Material

The fan shall have its housing, wheel and curb cap made of aluminum alloy. To match with buildings, it shall be of silver color.

Drive Unit (For belt drive type only)

Shaft: Heat treated through soaking furnace, the shaft shall reach a hardness level of HB250. Hard film treatment shall be made on the surface to avoid corrosion. The shaft and the wheel shall be dynamically balanced together. It shall have its speed designed at least 25% more than the maximum running speed of the fan.

Pulleys: The size of the pulleys shall be at least 150% of the driving power. Pulleys shall be made of cast iron and available for on-site adjustment. For the purpose of easily removing the pulleys, conical type bushings shall be used.

Bearings: The shaft shall be supported by metal bearings so that vibrations can be offset. The bearing shall have a minimum L10 life of 80, 000 hours at the maximum cataloged speed. It shall be permanently sealed type and metal pillow block ball bearing that can be lubricated.

Drive Support: Thick powder-coated and anti-corrosive steel sheet shall be used to support the drive unit. By adjusting the bolt at the motor base, the belt tension shall be available for adjustment. The fan shaft and motor shaft shall be made parallel.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. The motor shall have a degree of protection standard IP54 and an insulation class F. Its bearing shall be of ball type and require no lubrication. To avoid grease or dirt accumulation, the motor and drive unit shall be located out of the airstream.


Fan shroud: It shall be strong enough for relatively large wind load. Its structure shall be made so that water leakages in rainstorms or snow may never happen.

Motor and drive unit support panels: Anti-corrosive steel panels shall be used and its material shall not be the same with that of the housing for great rigidity. Aluminum alloy support column shall be used for stability.

Conduit inside the fan: A conduit shall be arranged inside the fan so that the power line can connect to the motor chamber through the curb (for the non-smoke exhaust type).

Curb cap with installation openings: Installation openings shall be made on the sides of the curb cap so that the fan can be fastened.

Galvanized bird screen: The screen shall use strong galvanized grille to prevent birds entering as the fan stops running.

Fans for Smoke Exhaust and Certifications (For Smoke Exhaust only)

RTC fans are TUV SUD certified to run 120 minutes under 300°C. The fans meet the requirements of Standard EN 12101-3:2015 Annex C and obtain Certificate of Conformity by TUV SUD.

Fresh Air Cooling Down Motor

Fresh air shall be directed into the motor chamber to cool down the motor.

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