Circular Centrifugal Fan – OCD


Volume Capacity: 0~1,750 m³/h (0 ~ 1,029 CFM)


Total Pressure: 40~700 Pa (0.16 ~ 2.8 in.WG.)


Drive Type: Direct


Installation Methods: Duct Mounted


Applications: Small volume air supply and exhaust, and office ventilation.


Convenient and Practical Design

  • The O-ring designresults in a more compact structure, larger capacity, less space required for installation, lower sound;
  • Adjustable speed: The motor can realize stepless speed regulationand customers can adjust for different air volumes based on actual needs;
  • Easy installation: Bracketsand clamps are offered as standard accessories, making it easier to install and suitable for long air duct operation.


Safe and Reliable Operation

  • Reliable and durable: The housingis made of high-strength galvanized sheet and is treated with coatings on the surface;
  • Overheat protection: All motors are equipped with overheat protection to ensure safer and more reliable operation;
  • Applications: buildings, ships, hotels, home, office, etc.
  • The maximum air volume 1,656m3/h, the maximum static pressure 700Pa, a total of 8 models, suitable for installation with duct diameters of Ф80~Ф



Fan type

The fan shall be inline circular centrifugal fan.


The blade and wheel should be designed and developed according to the principles of fluid mechanics by analytical methods to achieve large air volume, high static pressure and low noise levels.


The housing should be made of pre-fabricated galvanized steel.


The motor shall have a degree of protection standard IP44 and there shall be overheat protection.

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