Backward Curved SWSI Centrifugal Fan – YFBCSC
  • Volume Capacity: 200 ~ 9,000 m³/h (118 ~5,294 CFM)
  • Total Pressure: 1,500 ~ 21,000 Pa (6.02 ~84.31 in.WG.)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 450 ℃
  • Drive Type: Direct/ Belt
  • Installation Methods: Base Mount
  • Applications: Used for exhausting fume and vapor from such industries as automobile, electronic and steel, etc.


Optimized Design

The design of the backward curved centrifugal wheel is optimized through CFD simulation and conforms to the aerodynamic characteristics, ensuring great efficiency and smooth airflow.

Highstandard Process

The blades use plasma cutting technology, high-precision fixtures and are all-welded. They have smooth edges, high strength and great reliability for long-term high speed operation with evenly distributed stress.

High Balancing Level 

Each wheel undergoes dynamic balancing tests and reaches G4.0 grade balancing level (whereas common products have only G6.3 level). This high balancing level has ensured the stable, durable and quiet operation of YFBCSC fans.

Wide Range of Performance and High Efficiency

The aerodynamic performance curves of the wheel are stable and flat, suitable for various operating conditions of high efficiency. Performance decline can be avoided as the operating point moves.


There is a peak motor shaft power of the YFBCSC fan. After the motor is selected based on the peak shaft power, motor power and motor service factor, the motor shaft power will not exceed the rated power as the fan runs. The customers in using this product need not worry about it.


Great Reliability

  • The YFBCSC fanadopts the advanced FEA-aided design which helps create reliable structure.
  • The scroll and wheel arecontinuously welded with steel. They have great strength and are leak-proof, improving the operational safety.
  • New shaftand new coupling technology are used. This helps ensure accurate assembly work and product reliability.
  • The shaft shall have its loaddesigned at least 35% more than the maximum running speed of the fan for safe operation in the long term.
  • The bearing shall be sealed and shall have a minimum L10 life of 80, 000 hours at the maximum cataloged speed.
  • There is a protective coverfor the drive unit. To act as warning and avoid injuries, bright color shall be used.
  • Vibration testsshall be performed on the fan for reliable and long-term operation.

Great Efficiency 

  • There is a close match between the wheel coneand inlet conefor less turbulence and leakage and greater aerodynamic performance.
  • The CFD simulation technology is used for optimized design which is also validated through repeated trialsand ensures the aerodynamic performance conforms to the flow field characteristics.
  • The Fan Efficiency Gradecan reach FEG 80based on AMCA 205-10.


  • Different drive types are available and motor selection can be more flexible.
  • Some common accessories are offeredas standard accessories.
  • Thereare complete accessories to meet different application requirements.

Technical Specifications

Fan Type

The YFBCSC fan shall be SISW centrifugal fan mounted with steel backward curved wheel. It shall be direct, coupling or belt driven. The fan structure shall allow the wheel to be taken out for maintenance or cleaning.

Quality Standards

Tests shall be performed on YFBCSC fans and certificates obtained under AMCA Standard 210 & 300. The manufacturer shall have the Production License for National Industrial Products and get the ISO9001 certification.


The steel wheel shall be all welded and be of the backward curved centrifugal type. The wheel shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G4.0 balancing level. At the highest running speed, the wheel shall produce smooth airflow and low sound. The decline in fan performance shall be prevented.

Fan Housing

The fan housing shall be made of steel and the thickness of the housing shall be able to support the fan’s maximum weight in operation. It shall be continuously welded and there shall be an access door to get any foreign bodies away.


The inlet shall conform to aerodynamics. It shall have streamlined design to allow for smooth airflow, less turbulence and low sound.

Surface Treatment

The fan surface shall be polished so that no protuberances, welding spatters, burrs, sharp edges, scrap iron and greasy dirt can be found. Then electrostatic epoxy coatings or high temperature resistance coatings shall be applied. The surface shall be a level one without sags, cracks, cockles or detachment.

Drive Unit

Heat treated through soaking furnace, the shaft shall reach the hardness level of HB250~280. It shall have its load designed at least 35% more than the maximum running speed of the fan. The shaft shall have shaft cover. When the temperature is below 250℃, the fan shaft material shall be 40Cr. The bearings shall have a minimum L10 life of 80, 000 hours at the maximum cataloged speed. N32~N46 lubricant shall be used for the bearing. For temperature range of 61℃~250℃, water cooling device shall be adopted. For temperature over 250℃, water pipes shall be utilized. Sealed and lubricated under normal temperatures, the belts shall have pulleys of cast iron type with a size of at least 130% of the driving power. The pulley and belt shall have guard for protection and there shall be flexible coupling. The transmission efficiency and factor of safety of torsion shall meet the design requirements of fans.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. The motor shall have a degree of protection standard IP54 and an insulation class F. Its bearing shall be of ball type that can be lubricated. To avoid grease or dirt accumulation, the motor and drive unit shall be located out of the airstream.

Explosion-proof Structure (Only for explosion-proof type)

The fan shall include Spark C spark resistance construction. At the inlet, there shall be copper ring. Explosion-proof motor shall be used. The fan shall be CNEX certificated and the manufacturer shall obtain the production license for explosion-proof electric products.


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