Mixed Flow Fan–YFISH
  • Volume Capacity: 1,000~135,000 m³/h (588~79,410CFM)
  • Static Pressure: 100~1,700 Pa (0.4~6.82 in.WG.)
  • Drive Types: Direct/ Belt drive
  • Installation Methods: Base mount/ Ceiling hung
  • Applications: General ventilation / Filtered ventilation


New Form of Wheel

The wheel cone of the mixed flow wheel is precisely matched to the inlet cone for low leakages and turbulence, enhance efficiency and reduce sound.

Advanced Design

The CFD simulation technology is used for optimized design which is also validated through repeated trials. This makes the IMF wheel has far higher efficiency than the traditional mixed flow wheel.

Manufacturing Process

The wheel and flow passage components are molded and continuously welded. With high strength and precision, the product has reliable quality.

High Balancing level

Both after the continuous welding process is finished and after epoxy coatings is applied on the surface, the wheel undergoes dynamic balancing tests. It reaches AMCA 204- G2.5 balancing level, well above the G6.3 standard that is required in China. The wheel balance is thus improved, vibrations and sound reduced.

Sound Characteristics

The performance characteristics of the mixed flow wheel range between the axial and centrifugal wheel. Through the tests performed in the AMCA accredited laboratory (AMCA 300 Standard), we find that the mixed flow wheel has excellent sound performance that is friendly to human ears.


Compact and Cost-effective Scroll-free Structure

Not limited to the inlet distance from the scroll, the YFISH fan has no scroll and airflow is directly drawn into the wheel for pressurization which is a much improved airflow pattern. The design is compact requiring less room which is a primary choice of box-type fans.

Performance Characteristics of Mixed Flow Type

The performance characteristics of the mixed flow fan range between the axial and centrifugal fan. But the mixed flow fan has higher efficiency and lower sound. It takes in larger volume than the inline centrifugal fan and has higher pressure than the axial fan. If the operating point moves between A and B as shown here, the wheel of the mixed flow fan has a smaller diameter than the inline centrifugal fan at the same speed and when it has the same wheel diameter as the axial fan, the speed is lower.

Sound Quality: Low Frequency and Quiet Operation

The quiet sound quality of the mixed flow fan is attributed to its aerodynamic structure. As is shown here, the mixed flow fan produces far lower sound than the axial fan and DWDI centrifugal fan. What is more, the sound value is mainly in the low octave band (62.5-250Hz) and human ears do not feel disturbed by it.

Aluminum Alloy Housing

The housing is made of aluminum alloy which has great strength, light weight and excellent sealing properties. At the same time, acoustical measures can be taken for better overall performance. Soundproofing egg crate foam wall tiles and a soundproofing structure of two layers are available.

Direct and Belt Drive Fan Types and More Flexible Model Selection

— The direct drive type has higher transmission efficiency, compact design, low maintenance, and there are no easily damaged parts.

— For the belt drive type, the YFISH fan has extensive applications. Model selection is more accurate and greater flexibility in adjusting to jobsite conditions is ensured.

Design of Different Discharge Arrangements and Flexible Applications

For the direct drive type, there are four discharge arrangements and seven for the belt drive type. These arrangements can adapt to different design requirements and there will be easier and more convenient jobsite installation.


YFISH fans have the AMCA certification for Sound & Air Performance & FEG and are TUV SUD certified to run for 120 minutes under 300°C.

Fan Type

The YFISH fan shall be belt or direct driven. It shall be of the mixed flow, inline and duct mounted type. There shall be no scroll. The wheel shall be made of steel and the wheel cone is precisely matched to the inlet cone. Each wheel shall undergo static and dynamic balancing tests and reach AMCA 204- G2.5 balancing level.

Quality Standards

Tests shall be performed on YFISH fans and certificates obtained under AMCA Standard 210 & 300. The manufacturer shall have the Production License for National Industrial Products and get the ISO9001 certification.

Surface Treatment

The wheel surface shall be treated so that no protuberances, welding spatters, burrs, sharp edges, scrap iron and greasy dirt can be found. Then electrostatic epoxy coatings shall be applied. Also for the corrosion-free operation in the long term, the surface shall be a level one without sags, cracks, cockles or detachment.

Drive Unit (Only for belt drive type)

Shaft: Heat treated through soaking furnace, the shaft shall reach the hardness level of HB 286. Made of 40Cr steel, the shaft material shall possess the yield strength as high as 550MPa. For the corrosion-free operation, there shall be hard film on the surface. Dynamic balancing tests shall be performed on the shaft and the wheel together. It shall have its speed designed at least 25% more than the maximum running speed of the fan.

Pulley: The size of the pulleys shall be at least 150% of the driving power. Pulleys shall be made of cast iron and keyed to the motor shaft. For the purpose of easily removing the pulleys, conical type bushings shall be used.

Belt: The belt shall be free from grease and oil, no statics and can run reliably under high temperature.

Bearing: The fan shall use Independent metal bearings to offset the vibrations. The bearing shall have a minimum L10 life of 80, 000 hours at the maximum cataloged speed. FYH, SKF and other famous brands shall be used. It shall be metal pedestal ball bearing that is permanently sealed and can be lubricated.

Drive Support: Thick powder-coated and anti-corrosive steel sheet shall be used to support the drive unit. By adjusting the bolt at the motor base, the belt tension shall be available for adjustment. The fan shaft and motor shaft shall be made parallel.

Belt Guard: To prevent any possible injuries, the belt guard shall be semi-enclosed.


There shall be a close match between the motor and the fan load. It shall have a degree of protection standard IP55, an insulation class F and Temperature Rise Class B. The motor adopts B3 installation type for belt drive type and B5 installation type for direct drive type. Its bearing shall be of ball type and require no lubrication. For safe fan operation, 110% shall be chosen as the coefficient of power reserve in selecting the motor. Different motor types shall be chosen according to the operating conditions, including TEFC, 2-SPD, EXP, VFD, 60Hz and so on.

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