How to improve the efficiency of centrifugal fans?


This is an important issue for centrifugal fans, and it is also of concern to everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to have some discussions and explanations immediately in order to give some specific guidance.

  1. Startup ofindustrial centrifugal fans

If the industrial centrifugal fan has a startup failure or if the startup time is too long, there may be some problems in the fan. For example, the motor cannot be energized normally, or the rated power of the motor is too low. . At this time, it is necessary to replace the motor for an appropriate one.

In addition, there may be friction or obstructions on the rotor that cause it to become stuck. Therefore, it is necessary to check the rotor to find out the specific reason to solve it effectively, so that the fan can be started normally and the faults can be reduced.

  1. Industrial centrifugal fan wheel

Sometimes, the wheel of an industrial centrifugal fan is found to consume energy, but there is no benefit to the entire centrifugal fan. Therefore, at this time, the front cover of the fan, the inlet bell, the housing and the rotating shaft should be inspected to solve the problem and ensure the reliability of the operation of the centrifugal fan.

  1. Vibration problem of centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fans are prone to vibration problems during operation, an issue that needs to be avoided. If it occurs, it must be effectively solved, such as adjusting and reducing appropriately the fan speed, and other measures. However, what measures to take shall depends on the actual situation.

  1. Test-run of centrifugal fan

When the centrifugal fan is being test run, there must be no fewer than two people on the spot. A person controls the power supply and one person observes the operation of the fan. If an abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the centrifugal fan, it is necessary to stop the fan in time. Then check whether the operational parameters of the fan in all aspects are normal. When the inspection is completed, start the fan again at least five minutes later.